If you visit the Italian region of Latium, Rome, Europe's elegant metropolis known as the "Eternal City", is a must-see. Beyond the capital, Latium boasts numerous attractions and offers delightful regional foods and wines to enhance your trip.

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Dive into Italy's hidden treasures, as Italiaplus guides you through immersive experiences, historical sites, and local cuisine in the heart of Latium.

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Italiaplus crafts custom, memorable itineraries for your journey to Latium, ensuring a seamless blend of discovery, relaxation, and authentic cultural encounters.

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Delight in the savor of Latium's iconic wines, experience tastings at the oldest wineries in Frascati, and immerse yourself in the region's celebrated viniculture with Italiaplus.


Discovering Latium is like leafing through a history book! Many artistic and cultural monuments witness the long and extraordinary history of the fascinating region in Middle Italy. Besides the sightseeing attractions, the region delights its visitors with its magnificent landscapes. At the Tyrrhenian Coast, you will see long sandy beaches, old pine groves, luminous green mountains and soft hills, wide valleys with crystal-clear lakes and picturesque villages. Immerse yourself in the history of the Latium region!

What awaits you on your sightseeing trip to the Latium? 

During your sightseeing trip you will, for example, stay in a comfortable hotel in the picturesque village of Frascati. The small town lies in the luminous green hills right outside the gates of Rome and is a perfect spot to reach the most important attractions easily. Frascati is famous for its excellent white wine, which is one of the most popular Italian white wines worldwide! The grapes are cultivated on the volcanic hills of the Campagna Romana, the beautiful hilly area between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Apennines. In the modern, family-run four-star group hotel in the old town of Frascati, a delicious breakfast from a varied buffet awaits you every morning. In the evening, you will be spoilt with fresh seasonal and regional delicacies, like a traditional Roman dinner. And, a glass of the excellent Frascati wine should not be missing!

The highlights of your sightseeing trip to the Latium:

  • The metropolis Rome and its cultural highlights, as well as its undiscovered treasures
  • Some of the most beautiful villages in the Latium region (Borghi più belli d’Italia)
  • Significant UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Follow the traits of the Etruscans and visit ancient excavation sites
  • Medieval villages with stunning panoramic views of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the surrounding area of Rome
  • Paradisiacal landscapes, which are under nature conservancy, and crystal-clear volcanic lakes
  • Visit the possibly most beautiful private park of Italy with a subsequent picnic
  • A wine tasting in the oldest winery of Frascati with a magnificent view of the city of Rome
  • Delicious regional delicacies and wines, for example in a traditional Trattoria

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