Let us organize your team retreat in the enchanting city of Venice. We manage all the planning and logistics, ensuring a stress-free and efficient experience for you and your team. Enjoy the unique charm of Venice while we take care of everything. Discover the rich history and iconic landmarks of this mesmerizing city, including St. Mark's Basilica, the Grand Canal and the stunning Doge's Palace.

Tailored Retreat Themes

Whether your aim is to develop leadership skills, enhance creativity, or foster team spirit, our retreats are cater to the specific needs and objectives of your team.

Real Venetian Experiences

Discover Venice in a whole new way and uncover hidden treasures with the help of locals. Strengthen your team bonds with a memorable retreat in the heart of Venice.


Our experienced team guarantees the seamless organization of your event in Venice. We assist with transfers, hotel arrangements and team activities to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Why Venice is Perfect for Your Next Team Retreat

Venice is an amazing city for team retreats, thanks to its beautiful canals and rich history. Famous spots like the Rialto Bridge and serene waterways make it a great place to bring teams together. Activities here naturally encourage creativity and teamwork. Plus, Venice’s calm vibe helps everyone unwind and connect.

We handle all the details, from planning to execution, so you can focus on bonding with your team. Let Venice inspire your team, boosting morale and collaboration in one of Europe’s most stunning settings. A retreat in Venice not only strengthens professional relationships but also leaves lasting impressions, creating memories that will continue to inspire long after you return.

About Venice

Venice is a city where history meets romance, all wrapped up with a modern twist

Venice is perfect for a team retreat because it combines inspiring settings with a peaceful atmosphere that encourages reflection and creativity. Navigate the winding canals by gondola, explore artistic treasures in museums or engage in team-building activities.The city's rich history and vibrant culture offer endless opportunities for exploration and bonding.


A variety of hotels perfectly suited to the needs of teams and corporate retreats

For your team retreat, Venice has a great selection of hotels. Whether you're looking for luxury hotels with state-of-the-art meeting rooms or cozy boutique spots that capture Venice’s unique charm, there's something for everyone. These hotels provide beautiful canal views, tasty local dishes, and personalized service to make your stay enjoyable and effective.

Must Do & Must See

Attractions and activities to make your offsite unforgettable

Visit the majestic St. Mark's Basilica and meander through the winding canals of Venice. Dive into the festive atmosphere of the Venice Carnival, renowned for its elaborate masks and vibrant parades. Explore the charming streets of Dorsoduro and unwind with a classic Venetian spritz with your team. These experiences offer the ideal backdrop for an inspiring and unforgettable team retreat.

We will discuss the details of your event in Italy in a phone or video call.

Tailor-Made Team Retreats in Venice

We plan your customized retreat in Venice based on your preferences and goals. Our experienced team handles everything from the length of stay to the selection of activities, meeting spaces, and the overall program. You’ll get a detailed itinerary and budget, along with strategic advice for your retreat. If needed, we can also arrange expert facilitators to enhance your corporate outing.

Boost Team Dynamics in Venice

Explore Venice’s magical charm with your team. Glide through its historic canals, explore iconic landmarks like the Doge’s Palace and engage in dynamic workshops. Venice’s blend of art, history, and culture creates a perfect environment for learning and team building. Experience the city during special events like the Biennale for a unique blend of art and innovation. These shared experiences will not only bond your team but also invigorate their spirit, leading to improved collaboration and lasting unity.

Tailored Team-Building activities for all participants

We provide a diverse range of engaging team-building activities suitable for any group size, which we can customize during a personal consultation. We’re eager to collaborate closely with you to craft the ideal program for your corporate event in Venice, ensuring it meets your specific needs and expectations.

Islands of Murano and Burano

Explore the vibrant islands of Murano and Burano with your team on a memorable day trip from Venice

In Murano, witness the world-famous glassblowing artisans at work, showcasing their centuries-old craft, while Burano offers a visual feast with its brightly colored fishermen's houses and exquisite handmade lace. This excursion provides a perfect opportunity for team bonding as you discover the unique arts and rich histories of these captivating islands.

Mask-making workshop

Experience Team Bonding Through a Venetian Mask-Making Workshop

Experience a unique team-building activity with a mask-making workshop in Venice, where participants can craft their own Venetian masks. This creative session not only fosters teamwork and creativity but also lets team members take home a personalized souvenir. This hands-on activity is perfect for bonding and provides a lasting memento of your team's time together in Venice.

Paparazzi Tour

Discover Venice on a exciting Paparazzi Tour

Join a Paparazzi Tour in Venice to capture the city's beauty and hidden corners. This fun photography challenge encourages teamwork and creativity as you explore and snap photos together. It's a perfect way to bond and bring back unforgettable images of your team experience in Venice.

Your advantages

  • Innovative and engaging team activities
  • A captivating city with rich history and culture
  • Suitable for teams of 10 or more, including very large groups
  • Ideal for varied group sizes
  • Serene retreats in the Venetian Lagoon
  • Accessible international travel

Must Do & Must See

  • St. Mark’s Basilica and Square: Visit this iconic symbol of Venetian wealth and power.
  • Gondola Ride Through the Canals: No trip to Venice is complete without a gondola ride through its famous canals.
  • Culinary team-building with a shared meal
  • Explore the Doge’s Palace: Tour this masterpiece of Gothic architecture which was the residence of the Doge and the seat of Venetian government.
  • Visit Murano and Burano: Take a boat trip to these nearby islands known for their artisan crafts.

Best travel period

  • Venice can be optimally visited year-round
  • To avoid the peak heat, consider visiting in the cooler months instead of mid-summer when the city can become particularly hot.
  • Aim to avoid travel during major trade shows, festivals, or events when the city can be overcrowded and prices may spike. 
  • Traveling outside of Italian public holidays can help you dodge higher accommodation rates and the congestion of heavy traffic.


  • Structure your retreat schedule to include sufficient breaks. This helps maintain energy and boosts productivity during the activities.
  • Venice’s unique layout and busy areas can present logistical challenges; plan accordingly to make movement around the city smooth for your group.
  • Choose a mix of team-building activities that not only meet your goals but also allow participants to explore Venice’s stunning environment and historical sites.
  • To ensure a well-organized retreat, finalize and book your travel dates early, allowing for thorough planning and the best possible experience.

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Our team will present you with all the options for a team event.

Here is what your team retreat in Venice could look like

Plan a personalized team offsite in Venice with us. We tailor each day to fit your schedule and goals. Enjoy excellent meeting spaces, dynamic team-building activities, and a diverse program. Our dedicated team will handle every detail, ensuring your retreat is a seamless and complete success.

Day 1 - Arrival in Venice

  • Arrival at your hotel and check-in
  • Afternoon meetings or workshops with a coffee break
  • Time to relax
  • Get together with a welcome drink at the hotel or a nice bar close by
  • Dinner at a nice restaurant in Venice
  • We can also organize a "Venice by Night" tour for your team

Day 2 - Team-Meetings & Teambuilding

  • Breakfast followed by meetings and workshops
  • Lunch at the hotel
  • Afternoon team activity in Venice or nearby, such as a mask-making workshop or boat trip to the Islands of Murano and Burano
  • Dinner at a popular traditional restaurant

Day 3 - Meetings & Departure

  • Optional meetings or worshops after breakfast
  • Coffee break and a quick lunch at the hotel for participants
  • If the return trip is scheduled later, the afternoon can be used for additional meetings or another team activity
  • Check out and travel back home

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