Experience Rome with an unique team retreat! Discover the rich history and iconic landmarks of this impressive city, such as the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and the magnificent Vatican Museums. Let Rome's inspiring atmosphere captivate you. Enjoy a refreshing team retreat made just for your team.

Customizable Retreat Topics

Whether you want to develop leadership skills, boost creativity, or strengthen team spirit, our retreats meet the unique needs and goals of your team.


Experience Rome in a new way. Enjoy Roman specialties, savor the local cuisine and discover hidden treasures revealed by the locals.


Our experienced event team ensures the smooth organization of your event in Rome, assisting you with transfers, hotel arrangements, meetings, and team activities.

Why you should plan your Team Retreat in Rome now

Rome offers a unique blend of history and inspiring culture. Iconic landmarks like the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps provide not only unforgettable experiences but also inspiration for creativity and team building.  And Rome’s relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere enhances team cohesion and motivation.

With our experience in planning customized corporate retreats and business workations, we offer you expert and tailored event planning services. Let your team experience an unforgettable team retreat in Rome—one of the most fascinating and historically rich cities in Europe!

About Rome

Rome is a city where history, art, and progress seamlessly blend with modern style

Rome offers numerous hotels ideal for a team retreat. Choose from modern 4-star hotels with top-notch meeting facilities and co-working spaces to lifestyle hotels that create an inspiring atmosphere. These hotels feature excellent culinary specialties in their restaurants and offer tailored services to meet your needs.


A variety of hotels perfectly suited to the needs of teams and corporate retreats

The Italian capital offers numerous hotels that are ideal for a team retreat in Rome. From modern 4-star hotels with top-notch conference facilities and co-working spaces to lifestyle hotels and historic residences for small groups or bigger teams.

Must Do & Must See

Attractions and activities to make every retreat unforgettable

In Rome you have to visit the St. Peter's Basilica and take a stroll through the historic Roman Forum. Wander through the charming Trastevere neighborhood and enjoy the Dolce Vita with a good aperitivo. These experiences provide the perfect backdrop for an inspiring and unforgettable team retreat.

We will discuss the details of your event in Italy in a phone or video call.

Your Personalized Team Retreat in Rome

We plan your customized retreat in Rome according to your wishes and ideas. We organize the duration, content, activities, meeting rooms and program flexibly for you. You will receive a detailed schedule and cost plan, along with helpful tips for your retreat agenda. If desired, we can also provide suitable coaches to facilitate your corporate work trip.

Strengthen Team Spirit and Motivation

Discover Rome with your group in diverse ways: enjoy a stroll through historic streets, visit impressive landmarks, and participate in exciting, creative workshops. The famous Italian capital offers the ideal combination of fun, education, and teamwork. Let your team experience unforgettable and bonding moments in Rome’s unique atmosphere. You will see a lasting increase in team cohesion!

After Hour Vatikan-tour

Enjoy exclusive access to vatican city outside regular hours

Experience exclusive access to Vatican City outside regular hours and explore the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums without the usual crowds. This unique opportunity provides your team with an inspiring atmosphere, perfect for reflection and team building. Take advantage of this special experience to boost your team's motivation.

Fiat 500 Tour

An Iitalian classic and evergreen - Embrace the Dolce Vita

Experience Rome and its surroundings, the Castelli Romani, on an unforgettable Fiat 500 tour and discover the city from a new perspective. Drive through the picturesque streets and historic neighborhoods, as well as the charming countryside outside of Rome, in these iconic classic cars with your team. This tour not only provides fun and adventure but also strengthens team spirit.

Culture and history tour

Discover Rome on a fascinating culture and history tour

Explore Rome's landmarks with your team and learn more about the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and St. Peter's Basilica. Discover the charming neighborhoods like Trastevere. This tour is perfect for teams which want to learn about Rome's rich history and culture.

Special Team-Building activities for all participants

We offer a variety of exciting team activities and team-building measures for teams of all sizes, which we would be happy to discuss with you in a personal conversation. We are confident that together we can create the perfect program for your corporate event in Rome.

Your advantages

  • One of Europe’s Most Fascinating and Historic Cities
  • Diverse, creative, and innovative team activities
  • Suitable for teams of 10 or more, including very large groups
  • Accommodation available in green areas outside Rome
  • International airports with excellent transport connections
  • Stress-free travel as we handle the complete planning and organization of your company offsite

Must Do & Must See

  • Guided tour of the Colosseum, Forum Romanum, St. Peter´s Basilica, and the world-famous Vatican Museums
  • Enjoy a typical Italian aperitif in a lively bar in the charming Trastevere neighborhood
  • Culinary team-building with a shared meal
  • Tour of the Pantheon followed by enjoying gelato together at Piazza della Rotonda

Best travel period

  • Rome can be optimally visited year-round
  • We recommend avoiding travel in mid-summer due to high temperatures.
  • For summer trips, we book accommodations with outdoor pools, possibly located in green areas outside Rome.
  • Avoid travel during trade show periods or significant events.
    Steer clear of Italian holidays to avoid high accommodation prices and heavy traffic on Italian roads.


  • Ensure a balanced agenda with adequate breaks to maintain energy levels and promote productivity throughout the day.
  • Consider the logistical challenges of this big city.
  • Choose diverse team activities that align with your retreat goals. Don´t forget the beautiful surroundings of Rome, like the Castelli Romani area.
  • Set the travel dates early for optimal planning.

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Our team will present you with all the options for a team event.

Here is what your team retreat in Rome could look like

Experience customized offsites in Rome with us, tailored to fit your schedule and needs. Each day can be uniquely designed to meet your goals and preferences. Take advantage of top-notch meeting and co-working spaces, engaging team-building activities, and a varied and interesting program. Our dedicated team ensures smooth execution and supports you with all your needs, making your retreat a complete success.

Day 1 - Arrival in Rome

  • Arrival at your hotel, check-in, and room assignment
  • Afternoon meetings with a coffee break for a little refreshment
  • Time to freshen up and relax
  • Get together with a welcome drink at the hotel or a trendy bar
  • Dinner at a lovely location in Rome
  • We can also organize a "Rome by Night" walking tour for your team

Day 2 - Team-Meeting, Workshops & Teambuilding

  • Breakfast followed by meetings and workshops
  • Lunch at the hotel
  • Short continuation of meetings and workshops, with co-working opportunities after lunch
  • A team activity in Rome or nearby, such as a museum tour or a Fiat 500 ride
  • Dinner at a popular pizzeria or trattoria

Day 3 - Meetings & Departure

  • Optional meetings after breakfast
  • Coffee break for participants and a quick lunch at the hotel
  • If the return trip is scheduled later, the afternoon can be used for additional presentations, meetings, or another team activity
  • Farewell and departure

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