Apulia - that´s more than 800 km of beautiful coasts at the south east of Italy. The region comprises almost 20,000 km² and the following six provinces:

Apulia – Home of the pointed-cap houses and grains

Apulia – that´s more than 800 km of beautiful coasts at the south east of Italy. The region comprises almost 20,000 km² and the following six provinces:

  • Bari
  • Bríndisi
  • Foggia
  • Lecce
  • Táranto
  • Barletta-Ándria-Trani

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The eyes will never get enough of Apulia! The color play of the multifaceted landscapes makes everyone happy and no one will suffer from boredom! Along the coasts the white limestone draws a beautiful picture together with the blue of the sea; in the backlands the green of the trees harmonizes with the “terra rossa” (red soil) where wine, vegetables, fruit, olives and almonds are grown. The colors impress even more when they are enlightened by the Italian sun. Luckily approximately 300 solar days in the year make it almost impossible to miss this beautiful play of colors in Apulia

Apulia is the flattest region in Italy. Therefore it offers beautiful sandy beaches and coasts as far as the eye  can see! The “heel” of the “Italian boot” is – except for the North – surrounded by the sea. Come to Apulia and enjoy the Adriatic and Ionic Sea on 836 coastal kilometers! Those who love water will find everything the heart desires: long beaches, impressive caves and grottos as well as various spots for diving and surfing. The environmental organization “Legambiente” and the “Foundation for Environmental Education” (FEE) control the high quality of the beaches and the crystal clear sea regularly.

Those who look for mountains in Apulia have to travel to the North. Here you will find the beautiful “Gargano promontory” – the spore if the boot – and the “Monti Dauni” (Subappenino Dauno) with “Monte Cornacchia” (1,152 m) – the highest mountain of Apulia.

“Puglia” is a land of tradition and history. In the towns and cities Roman cathedrals are witnesses of past time but also in the backlands you will find real treasures. Due to agriculture and local conditions special types of houses were built in the backlands of Apulia which you can hardly find in any other place in the world. Come to Alberobello in the valley of Itria (Valle d’Itria) and you will discover the “Trulli” – round, mostly little white painted houses with their characteristic pointed-cap roofs. They were made of stones in drywall construction without any grout. In those days the shape of the “Pinnacolo” – the tip on the roof of the trulli – expressed the owners affluence  of.

Also very characteristic for Apulia are the “Masserias” (masserie). Once, the land of the nobles was managed from these grand estates. In general, one masseria  consisted of one residential house, further accommodations, stables, a church and a watchtower. By and by the masserias were expanded and became more splendid. Today they are locations for apartments, hotels or restaurants with a special charm.

Of course Apulia also has to offer many culinary delights. The Apulia cuisine is also very traditional and genuine.  Typical traditional dishes are the vegetable stew “Tiella di Verdure”, filled eggplants, ricotta made of goat cheese and (in coastal areas) all type of fish dishes. But Apulia is mostly known for its cereal production. About 70 percent of grain produces in Italy comes from Apulia. In Apulia you find a huge variety of bread and pasta. Apulian delicacies of grain are the bread from Altamura (Pane di Altamura) and fresh, homemade pasta such as the „orecchiette“ which is not to be missed while on your vacation in Apulia!

Apulia is diverse. Choice is yours.


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