We would like to show you the six provinces of Apulia with their unique charm and characteristics from north to south. Get yourself inspired for your group tour to beautiful Apulia!

The provinces Foggia and Barletta-Andria-Trani

The province Foggia in the northern part of Apulia stretches from the plain Tavoliere di Foggia to the promontory Gargano with its spectacular craggy cliffs and picturesque coastal towns. The paradisiac islands Isole Tremiti lie off the coast in the azure Adriatic Sea. The province offers everything for bathing and outdoor sports, but also cultural highlights, like the famous cities Troia and Lucera in the hinterland and historic harbour villages.

The province Barletta-Andria-Trani is the youngest and smallest of Apulia’s provinces. But it offers a lot to delight its visitors! You can find evidences of the ancient world, medieval fortresses, interesting monuments and a fascinating nature. The diverse landscape stretches from the azure ocean of the Adriatic Sea to the endless area of the plateau Murgia, where time seems to stand still.

The provinces Bari and Taranto

Bari is the biggest province of Apulia and the eponymous capital of the province is a significant trade and university city in Southern Italy. The coastline dazzles with attractive towns and their historical old towns and lively harbour flair. In the hinterland, you can find impressing UNESCO World Heritage Sites, like the Castel del Monte or the unique Trulli cottages in Alberobello. 

The province Taranto is the only province facing the Ionian Sea. Its landscape is characterized by gentle hills, wide plains and craggy areas. The coastline offers a large variety of landscapes: Rough and wild cliffs, falling away sharply to the ocean, wide isolated sandy beaches and lively bating resorts. The archaeological museum in the capital Taranto shows an older history than Rome. From here, it is not far to the famous cave city Matera in the neighbouring province of Basilicata.

The provinces Brindisi and Lecce

The winegrowing is also deeply rooted in the Apulian tradition. The mild climate conditions favour the vineyards and therefore it is no surprise, that Apulia produces more wine than any other Italian region! Nowadays, there are 25 DOC wine regions in Apulia.

Brindisi faces the Adriatic Sea and because of its strategic favourable location, the significant army and trade route Via Appia once ended there. Today, many ferries to Greece start from here. The hinterland is characterized by endless olive groves on the red terra and whitewashed cottages of the picturesque villages. The coastline dazzles with extensive dunes.

The province Lecce is the most southern province in the Salento area and characterized by sun, wind and the ocean. At the southernmost point of Lecce, the Adriatic Sea joins together with the Ionian Sea. The cultural highlights are the capital Lecce and the historic cities Otranto and Galipolli. The southern part of the coastline is characterized by steep cliffs and perfect for hiking and bathing. It also dazzles with numerous fascinating sea caves, which are a must for every traveller!

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