The varied Southern Italian region dazzles with fascinating UNESCO World Heritages and historic cities and monuments in its wonderful landscapes.

Discover Apulia's UNESCO World Heritages

The impressive Castel del Monte is the stony crown of Apulia and is declared as UNESCO World Heritage since 1996. The octagonal fortress lies on a hill of the almost flat Murgia and casts a spell over its viewers already from afar. It has more a representative character than of a fortress, and was built by the emperor Friedrich II in the 13th century. The octagonal form of the building has raised many issues about the use of the Castel, which could not be solved until today.

The fairy-tale town Alberobello lies in the beautiful Itria Valley and attracts thousands of visitors every year. The unique Trulli houses, the round dwellings with their jelly bag cap roofs, are dispersed throughout the whole valley, and Alberobello is the capital of the Trulli. Here, you can find more than 1,500 of the sweet dwellings, which exude their magic in the idyllic and picturesque landscape. Since 1993, Alberobello is listed as UNESCO World Heritage.

The city of Matera in the bordering region Basilicata dazzles with its unique architecture as well. The cave habitations, called Sassi, in the labyrinth-like canyon town are declared as UNESCO World Heritage since 1993 and Matera will be the European Culture Capital in 2019.

Fascinating grottoes and historical cities

Along the coastline and the inland of Apulia, numerous grottoes are dispersed and a visit should not be missed on your journey to Apulia. 


The Castellana grotto is one of the most beautiful caves in Italy and dazzles with magnificent and bizzare stalatmites and stalactite sculptures. You can also discover many coastal grottoes along the coastal paradises Santa Maria di Leuca, the Gargano coast and Otranto.

The Apulian capital Bari at the Costa di Bari attracts its visitors with significant examples of the Roman architecture in its well-preserved old town. In Otranto, you can explore one of the few crossed-domes in Italy.
The Baroque metropolis Lecce in the eponymous Apulian province dazzles with its monuments made of the “pietra leccese,” a golden limestone, which characterizes the city. It is also named the “Florence of the South”.

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