Trulli houses are traditional limestone dwellings with conical roofs, unique to the Apulia region of Italy, and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The history and the characteristics of the Trulli houses

In some parts of Apulia, the soil had to be cleaned up of rocks to cultivate the areas. These stones were used to build the unique Trulli houses as a dry construction and the characteristic conical roofs, which are layered in narrowing circles to the top. This dry construction style was especially constructed in the areas of the Murgia, the Gargano, and the Salento and is one of the most tradition-rich cultural characteristics of Apulia.​

Whoever could afford it, decorated his roof pitch with a Pinnacolo, which are rolls, crucifixes, discs or cones, manufactured by a good craftsman. The base of the Trullo was painted with white chalk paint, and the grey stone roofs were painted with magical protective symbols like zodiac signs, crosses or hearts pierced by an arrow.

One property consists of several Trulli, and each Trullo has its own function, like a bed room or kitchen. Due to the thick natural stone walls and the small windows, they are perfect for every climate. In winter, they keep the cold outside and store the warmth, and in summer they shield the heat.

A special type of the Trulli are the Pagliari, which is more robust and has a dull roof and it does not have the characteristic Pinncacolo. They were used to store straw and equipment for farming.

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