The designation “Borghi piú belli d’Italia” is a predicate for the most beautiful villages of Italy, which is run since 2001 by the eponymous association. Its task is to support small Italian towns and villages to preserve their large and unique heritage of tradition, culture, history and art.

The "Borghi piú belli" of Apulia

The award of the predicate is subject to strict criteria such as the architectural harmony, the balanced urban formation as well as the artistic and historical quality of the buildings. And the historical city centres must be car-free. Today, 285 villages are honoured with this predicate and in Apulia, of Puglia, you can find 10 of the “Borghi più belli d’Italia”.

The villages Alberona, Bovino, Peramontecorvino, Roseto Valforte and Vico del Gargano lie in the province Foggia. In the province Bari, there are Locorotondo and in the province Brindisi Cisternino. In the province Lecce, there are the villages Otranto, Specchia and Presicce.

Locorotondo and Cisternino in the fascinating Murgia di Trulli

The picturesque village Locorotondo is located on the crest of a hill in the Valle d’Itria, surrounded by old vineyards. It is also called “La Citta del Vino bianco”, the city of white wine, and produces its own DOC white wine in the Cantina del Locorotondo, the oldest winegrower’s cooperation of Apulia.

The historic old town is arranged in a circular shape, which is why it was named “Locus Rotundus” in the Middle Ages. The cute small gabled houses with its spiky roofs are lined up densely next to each other and exude a special charm. You come across magnificent churches, like the Roman-Gothic Chiesa Madonna della Greca, and the early Christian Chiesa San Nicola. The city park offers a wonderful view of the hilly landscapes of the Itria Valley.
The beautiful village Cisternino lies near the Adriatic Coast and is very famous for tourists. But it has preserved its originality and special charm. The best place to start a city walk is the Piazza Garibaldi, which leads you to several viewpoints of the ring road to enjoy a wonderful view of the surrounding villages.

On the Piazza, you can also visit the medieval Chiesa Matrice di San Nicola, with a glass floor showing the burial chambers and the remains of the walls. The well-preserved old town resembles a labyrinth and you will find many traditional Rosticcerie, where delicious meat dishes are grilled. And the nightlife of Cisternino with its numerous bars, restaurants and cafés are very lively.

The fascinating Otranto in Salento 

Otranto is one of the most beautiful destinations in Salento. The respectfully restored and clean old town and many stylish restaurants and bars show the wealth of the city. The historical old town can be entered through the Torre Alfonsina, the defensive tower of the town wall. 

On “living stones” you can stroll through the narrow streets to the Cattedrale di Santa Maria Annunziata, in a Roman-Apulian architecture, which is one of the most impressing churches of Apulia. The beautiful floor mosaic from the 12th century is almost completely preserved.

The Basilica di San Pietro, a Byzantine crossed-dome, dazzles with numerous well-preserved wall paintings and should not be missed on a visit to Otranto. Further south of the city, you reach the Capo d’Otranto, the most easterly point of Italy.

The most beautiful villages of the province Foggia 

If you visit Foggia, you should not miss the “Borghi più belli” Bovino, Roseto Valforte and Vico del Gargano. The welcoming Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Bovino is the ideal starting point for a city walk. In 200 BC, Hannibal conquered the village Bovino, and in the 13th century it was fortified. The Staufer Emperor Friedrich II rebuild the Castello Ducale, and for centuries it was the home for several dukes and landgraves. From here, you can enjoy a fantastic view of the old town with its labyrinth of narrow streets and stairs.

The small village of Roseto Valforte lies only a stone’s throw away from the neighbouring region of Campania. It thrones on a gently sloping hill nearby the Monte Cornacchia, the highest mountain of Apulia, what makes it a perfect starting point to explore the mountainous region. The history and tradition of Roseto Valforte can be traced back to the 8th century. The “Borghi più belli d’Italia” Alberona and Pietramontecorvino can be reached easily from here.

The village Vico del Gargano lies midst of the Foresta Umbra, the large wood of Gargano. Here you can find the only springs of the mountain massif, which mainly serve to water the orange trees, but also as tasty drinking water. The old town dazzles with an impressing Stauffer castle and the enchanting Chiesa Madre, remains of the old town walls, small chapels, old workshops and the beautiful façade of the Palazzo della Bella.

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