Apulia offers several unique accommodation options, including the iconic trulli houses, charming masserie, stunning seaside resorts and converted historic buildings, such as old castles, monasteries and lighthouses, that provide an unforgettable experience for travelers.

Traditional mansions offer exclusive and luxurious locations

The typical Masseria is deeply rooted in the Apulian tradition. Over hundreds of years, the farmsteads were owned by the aristocrats and looked more like country fortresses to protect them from assaults. Many of them were lovingly restored, and today they serve as exceptional hotels, holiday apartments and restaurants for tourists.

Some of the Masseria were even restored as prestigious 5-star-resorts. One of those top-class resorts is located at the coast of Brindisi and combines the charm of a traditional Masseria with a touch of luxury, perfectly. It offers everything a vacationer’s heart desires! Breathtaking suites and mansions, arranged as small villages, which are loving recreations of the Apulian Borgos, with a Piazza, narrow alleys, markets, restaurants and spa areas. Even some celebrities discovered the unique ambiance of this 5-star-resort as a location for themselves.

Polignano a Mare – a hotspot at the coast of Bari

The picturesque village Polignano a Mare is known for its divine position. The vivid village seems to stick to the cliffs and coastal rocks, which were rinsed by the sea. Numerous sea caves were formed under the village. 

The largest grotto is the Grotta Palazzese. In 1700, the first restaurant opened here, and today, you can still enjoy the sounds of the Adriatic Sea and a spectacular view of the water while you have a romantic dinner.

The beaches around Polignano a Mare were honoured for their excellent quality and cleanliness several times. At one of the fantastic beaches, an exclusive beach club is located, which offers everything for a perfect day at the beach. Relax at the large pool area, the lounge bar, and the gourmet restaurant and enjoy water sports or activities like beach volleyball. Enjoy a special beach day in this unique ambiance!

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