The region Apulia lies in the south-east of Italy and is characterized by wide plains and hilly landscapes. There are just a few mountains in the northern part, it is therefore the flattest region of Italy.

The stunning landscapes of Apulia

The Gargano & Terra di Bari in the northern part

The promontory Gargano forms the “skid” of the Italian “boot” and stretches along the Adriatic Coast. The nature reserve “Parco Nazionale del Gargano” is famous for its old and dense woods and wild animals. The beautiful bays of the Gargano coastline are surrounded by a wild untamed nature and mainly only accessible from the sea. The offshore Tremiti islands are part of the nature reserve as well.

The adjacent Tavoliere die Foggia is the breadbasket of Italy and characterized by plain agricultural plains, surrounding the provincial capital Foggia. In the west, the Subappenino Dauno borders, which mountain Monte Cornacchia reaches a height of 1,152m.

The Terra di Bari and the Murgia in the heart of Apulia

The Terra di Bari is the hinterland of the regional capital Bari and is famous for its endless olive groves, growing on the typical red-brown soil. The high plains of the Murgia are the heartland of Apulia and rise from the Costa di Bari from the coast to the hinterland; forming a rectangular and heavily rugged limestone plateau. The landscapes around Laterza, for example, are characterized by erosion furrows, which reach 400m in depth and attract many climbers.

The Valle d’Itria, Taranto & Salento

Going south, the Murgia blends into the densely populated Valle d’Itria. It stretches between the most beautiful villages of Apulia Locorotondo, Cisternino and Martina Franca. The region is famous for its Trulli houses and is among the most popular holiday destinations of Apulia.

The Salento area lies between both oceans, the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea. It has many faces; the north-western part is an intensively cultivated agricultural area, which contrast the rocky and heavily rugged coastline of the province Lecce. Here, you can enjoy the originality of the country and a suggestive atmosphere in picturesque fishing villages.
The coastal plains of Taranto are facing the Ionian Sea and offer long sandy beaches and turquoise water for the perfect beach holiday.

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