coastal paradises

Along the 800 coastal kilometres, the Southern Italian region Apulia dazzles with numerous wonderful beaches and coastal stretches.

Apulia´s coastal paradises

Diverse coastlines in the Gargano promontory

A highlight of the Adriatic coast is the Gargano coast in the northern part of the region. White limestones, cliffs, and paradisiac bays offer a fascinating contrast to the turquoise ocean. On adventurous boat rides, you can discover the sea caves along the coast.

The picturesque village Vieste is the touristic hotspot in the northern part of the Gargano. It stretches along two long-stretched rocks and is flanked by two white sandy beaches. It is a village full of atmosphere with a vibrant nightlife, especially on the Corso Lorenzo Fazzini. But it also has a romantic side. In the evening, you can observe the magnificent sunset at the watch tower.

The beautiful Tremiti Islands lie offshore the Gargano coast and you should not miss a day trip boat ride to this paradisiac nature reserve! Its underwater world is a hotspot for divers and snorkelers. The island San Domino is the touristic island and dazzles with fascinating rock formations, small bays, and shadowy hiking routes. Besides San Domino, San Nicola is the only inhabited island of the island group.

The scenic pearls Polignano a Mare &  Otranto

At the Adriatic coast of the Costa di Bari, long and fine sandy beaches alternate with picturesque bays, which are surrounded by rocks and craggy cliffs. The beaches of Polignano a Mare have been honoured for its cleanliness and excellent quality. They are the most popular of the Adriatic coast. The coastal village thrones up on the steep rocky cliffs, which have been rinsed out by the sea. From several viewpoints, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the grotto entrances, bizarre rock formations, and crags. The largest grotto is the Grotta Palazzese, which hosts a restaurant. The spectacular town scenery of Otranto is one of the Borghi più belli d’Italia from Apulia, one of the most beautiful villages. 

Beyond the historic old town, which lies on a rock reaching far into the ocean, thrones the impressing fortress of the Spaniards. The wide and curved waterside promenade invites for a pleasing stroll. Some kilometres to the south, you will reach the most eastern point of Italy, the Capo d’Otranto.

Fascinating sea grottos in the Salento

Going south from Otranto, you will pass Castro Marina, where many sea caves were formed in the last thousands of years. In some of them, the oldest traces and evidence of civilization were discovered, like visible rock and scratch-drawings, and they are only accessible for scientists. The grotto Zinzulusa can be visited, and you will see fascinating stalagmites and stalactites formations. From here, you can also take a boat trip along the coastline, which is rich in caves.

At the most southern point of Apulia, the Capo Santa Maria di Leuca, the Adriatic, and the Ionian Sea unite. Impressing coastal stretches with craggy cliffs host more than 30 karstic caves, which can be explored by boat. The Grotta di Presepe dazzles with fascinating sculptures of limestone and stalactites of unbelievable beauty. The Grotta Tre Porte welcomes you with its monumental entrance of three arches.

For the Romans, Santa Maria di Leuca was the end of the country; therefore the basilica from 343 A.C. was named Basilica de Finibus Terrae. Near the basilica lies the impressing symbol of Leuca, the lighthouse, which was a former watch tower.

The western coast of Apulia faces the Ionian Sea, which dazzles with Caribbean beach conditions. For the most part, the coastline is undeveloped, and you can perfectly relax at the endless dunes and sandy beaches between Galipolli and Taranto. The most beautiful beaches lie between Marina di Leporano and Torre dell’Ovo where you can find several nature reserves.

Vieste in Gargano in the North of Apulia.

Apulia is diverse. Choice is yours.

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