The Southern Italian region Apulia dazzles not only with its awesome landscapes and coastline, but also with significant UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which we would like to present you.

The majestic Castel del Monte

The impressing Castel del Monte is listed as UNESCO World Heritage since 1996. It sits up on a hill 540 m high and tops the surrounding plains. The so-called “Crown of Apulia” was built by the Stauffer Emperor Friedrich II from 1240 – 1250 along his defence line to the region Basilicata and is the most mysterious building of the emperor.

The number “8” has a large meaning in this fortress: It consists of eight towers and the inner courtyard and the trapezoidal rooms inside the castle refer to the number, too. The purpose of the castle is mysterious as well. It does not have a castle moat or any defence facilities, which suggests that it was only built for representation expenses.

The prestigious building emphasizes the power of the emperor, but there is no sufficient evidence, that Friedrich II ever stayed in the castle. In 1876, the Castel del Monte was bought up by the Italian State and was restored in 1928.

The unique Trulli in Alberobello 

Alberobello is a small village in the province Bari and famous for its cute Trulli cottages. Since 1996, it is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Almost the whole town is characterized by the round shepherd’s cottages with the cone-shaped roof. You can also find the Trulli in the surrounding area of the village, but with 1,500 Trulli houses, Alberobello is the undisputed queen of the Trulli. The romantic fairy-tale village enchants thousands of visitors from world-wide, every year!

The first Trulli houses were built in the 14th century in the districts Rione Aia Piccola and Rione Monti. The construction of the cottages was mainly established to safe taxes. The houses are built without mortar, and when the control commission of the emperor came for a visit, the roof was removed and so they were not meant to be complete houses. Thus, they did not have to pay any taxes.

The 20m high Chiesa di Sant’Antonio tops the narrow streets of the old town and has a Trulli roof construction. You can also visit a Trulli museum in Alberobello, the Museo del Territorio e dell’Olio, which is a complex of 20 Trulli houses. Here, you can learn interesting facts about the past of Alberobello and a witty collection of the Pinnacoli, the rooftops of the Trulli.

The mysterious Sassi di Matera

The city of Matera lies in the neighboured region Basilicata and is the most famous cave town in the world! It is listed as UNESCO World Heritage since 1993. The town was already settled in the stone age and is the oldest, continuously settled place on earth. The city was built into the gigantic rock and is designated as Sassi.

The antique districts of Matera remind one of a gigantic sculpture and consist of a large underground complex of cave habitations. On the earth’s surface, a labyrinth of narrow streets, caves, squares and rock churches was formed. Today, you can find comfortable housings and quaint hotels, bars and restaurants in the caves.

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