The promontory Gargano is a famous holiday destination at the Adriatic Sea. It offers everything from a spectacular coastline with paradisiac beaches and bays and medieval villages overlooking the hilltops.

The picturesque coastal village Peschichi and the Tremiti islands

The small coastal town Peschichi lies at the northern coast of the Gargano, where the elongated bays are perfect for surfing. The historic old town of Peschichi exudes an oriental flair with its narrow streets and whitewashed houses with cupola roofs and it became a famous city for vacationers during the last years. The remains of an old castle lie at the top of the spit, from which you can enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding coastal landscape.

The islands of the Isole Tremiti are a famous day trip destination, because they lie near to the northern part of the Gargano coastline. It consists of the three main islands San Nicola, San Domingo and the uninhabited Caprara. They seem like a small paradise in the azure Adriatic Sea and belong to the most beautiful underwater destinations for diving and snorkelling, world-wide.

The islands are under nature conservation since 1989. The cultural capital of the islands is the main island San Nicola with its steeply rising cliffs. There you can visit the monastery of Santa Maria a Mare, which was built in the 11th century. It dazzles with artistic treasures of the Greek-Byzantine era. The forested San Domino is the main holiday island of the Isole Tremiti; all other islands are uninhabited.

The natural paradise Foresta Umbra and the eastern coast of Gargano 

The large forest Foresta Umbra lies in the centre of the Gargano and is a nature reserve. It consists of a mixed forest of beeches, oak trees, chestnut trees, lime trees and pine tree, which is not typical for Italy. Once, the whole region was covered by woods, but the Greeks, Romans, and the Stauffer needed the wood and chopped down the forests. Today, some parts of the Foresta Umbra are closed for visitors to keep the natural flora and fauna of this region. The paradisiac nature makes it famous health resort for the locals of the surrounding cities. There are two lagoons, the Lago di Lesina and the Lago di Varano, which is the tallest lagoon of Italy and famous for its variety of fish species.

At the eastern coast of the Gargano you reach the touristic city Vieste. The village stretches over two spits jutting into the ocean. It dazzles with fascinating sea grottos, like the Grotta Campana Grande, which is a famous excursion destination. It is a city full of atmosphere and you can find numerous evidences of its history in the old town, like the Concattedrale di Santa Maria Oreta from the 11th century. With its numerous bars and restaurants, it is a famous nightlife spot in the Gargano.

Going south along the most beautiful coastline of the Gargano, you reach the picturesque coastal town Mattinata. It dazzles with pristine bays, like the Baia della Zagare and the Vignanotica beach with bright, steep cliffs and a rampant Meditarrenean flora. On the nearby mountain, Monte Sacro, you can still find the ruins of the Benedictine abbey SS Trinità di Monte Sacro, and on the Monte Sacrano plateau, tombs of the Daunians were excavated, who settled there 1,000 BC. From there, you can enjoy a fantastic view of the beautiful extended bay Piana di Mattinata.

The pilgrimage places Monte Sant’Angelo and San Giovanni Rotondo

The ride along the serpentines to Monte Sant’Angelo, which lies in 798m height, is already an adventure! The main attraction of the village, besides the Norman castle Castello Normanno at the highest point of the town, is the Santuario di San Michele. The cave church attracts many pilgrims from around the world. The main part of the church was built into a mountain, and you can only see the campanile from outside. It was dedicated to the archangel Michael.

Along the main road San Severo, you reach San Giovanni Rotondo. It is the third most visited pilgrimage place in the world, and around 6 Million Pilgrims travel to San Giovanni Rotondo every year. The basilica San Pio da Pietrelcina is the target of the stream of pilgrims. It is dedicated to the Padre Pio, one of Italy’s most famous saints and was designed by the star architect Renzo Piano.

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