The country of Italy is 301,336 km² tall and full of diverse landscapes. It consists of 20 charming regions. Italy is known for its rich history, art, architecture, food, and fashion.

Italy is diverse.

Everything you need to know about Italy

All together form a unique cosmos of important cultural monuments as well as wonderful villages and cities. Since thousands of years the fascination for the boot-shaped peninsula is unbroken. It was the bone of contention of foreign emperors and nations in the ancient world and in the Middle Ages, many pilgrims travelled to Rome or Assisi. Since the 17th century it is an important destination for educational explorers from all over the world.

Its elegant way of life and abundance of pleasures and culture, also made it to a source of inspiration for significant poets and artists. The well-known German poet Johann-Wolfgang von Goethe travelled to the fascinating cities and landscapes of Italy and wrote his “Italian Journey” based on his travels. And there are still more than 10 Million visitors annually from Goethe’s home country, travelling to the famous holiday destination.

Italy is seamed by the Apennines and surrounded by the Adriatic Sea and the Alpes and its landscapes offer breath-taking contrasts: Green hills and vineyards, endless ancient olive groves on the red terra, awesome mountains and volcanos, like the Vesuvius in Naples and the Etna in Sicily. Paradisiac nature in the nature’s reserves, wild coasts and cliffs with romantic bays, endless white sandy beaches and fascinating underwater worlds and charming islands in the azure ocean. The lakes in Northern Italy, like the Lake Garda and the Lago Maggiore, offer beautiful landscapes.

The capital of Italy, Rome, in the region Lazio, is one of the most stylish metropolises in Europe and impresses with masterpieces from the Antique, the Renaissance and the Baroque. You will find art and culture in breath-taking dimensions, like the “Forum Romanum”, the “Colosseum”, the “Pantheon” or the frescos of Michelangelo. Milano in the Lombardy is not only an important design metropolis, it also dazzles with cultural highlights like Leonardo’s Last Supper.

The Arena in Verona in Venetia is the third largest amphitheatre of the ancient world and you can still listen there to the beautiful sounds of the famous operatic composer Giuseppe Verdi today. The lagoon city of Venice is a synthesis of the arts and enchants with its romantic charm. The city of Florence once was the birthplace of the Renaissance and keeps its visitors enthralled with its abundance of art treasures. The nearby Leaning Tower of Pisa gained worldwide fame and is one of the landmarks of Italy.

The south of Italy also holds countless architectural treasures, like the legendary Castel del Monte, the original Trulli houses in Apulia, or the Greek temples in Campania and Sicily. The city of Matera in Basilicata impresses with its unique Sassi, the cave dwellings from the Stone Age and was the European Capital of Culture in 2014. You will also find 51 UNESCO-World-Heritage-Sites in Italy!

“The Italians” are said to be communicative and feisty, proud and elegant, sociable and family-oriented. And, as the atmosphere of their country suggests, they have a sense for art, music and fashion! Their unique attitude towards life is reflected by the “Dolce Vita”; the sweet lifestyle. And they know how to sweeten their everyday life with pleasant rituals, e.g. a Caffè with Biscotti in the morning or an extended “corso”, an evening walk along the “Piazza”.

At the dining table, it’s not only about to get full! For the Italians, dining is a convivial event and an expression of joie de vivre. The Italian cuisine is famous world-wide and offers many moments of joy, like antipasti, pasta, pizza, olive oil, tiramisu and many more. It is traditional, digestible and diversified, and easy to prepare.

Furthermore, Italy is one of the most important wine producers in Europe! Each of the 20 Italian regions has its own winegrowing districts and the diverse climate and landscape conditions, support a wide range of grape varieties. Italy is one of the oldest wine producing countries – its history of winegrowing goes back to 1,000 BC. It has grown considerably till today, away from mass production to the production of premium and high quality wines!

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