Italy offers idyllic landscapes like beech trees - shiny silver olive groves, cypress avenues, pine trees and colourful vineyards can be found all over the country.

The vegetation of the Italian peninsula

Especially in the Po Valley numerous crops such as wine, olive oil and chestnuts are cultivated. The shores of Lake Garda in Veneto and the coasts of Liguria are lined with citrus trees. In the south of Italy there are numerous date palms, fig, pomegranate and almond trees. On the rainy west coast, typical evergreen plants and macchia thrive.

In the hinterland, mainly fruit trees are cultivated. The lower slopes of the Apennines, which extend over the entire peninsula, are characterised by chestnuts, cypresses and oaks, which are adapted to the rougher mountain climate. At higher altitudes, one mainly comes across pine and fir forests. But even if the natural vegetation in many places has had to give way to man-made cultural landscapes, Italy’s flora impresses with its special beauty. Some of the cultural landscapes, as in Tuscany, are now UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In countless national parks, such as the Parco Nazionale del Delta del Po in Veneto or the Zingaro Nature Reserve in Sicily, you will find a great variety of plants and animals – even under water.

The animal world of Italy

Like the vegetation of Italy, the fauna has been severely decimated by the reclamation of large areas. Wild ibex, ermine, chamois or marmots can be found mainly in the mountainous regions of Italy.

 Many other native animals such as eagles, bears and wolves live in the wild in Italy’s many nature reserves. Deer, wild sheep and wild boar are mainly found in Sardinia. Whoever goes completely outdoors will also come across numerous species of lizards and snakes.

The predominant freshwater fish in the lakes, such as Lake Garda or Lake Maggiore, as well as the numerous lagoons are trout, sturgeon and eels. In the Mediterranean Sea there are countless species of fish in the most beautiful colours, as well as tuna and swordfish, which are often also prepared to delicious Italian delicacies. On the coasts dolphins can be seen from time to time. They like to romp around in their “family group” around sailing and motor boats, or you can watch them well from ferries. Many underwater areas around Italy are also perfect for extensive snorkelling and diving tours.

Italy also offers a wide variety of bird species. In the Alps you can enjoy eagles, griffon vultures and falcons and well-known migratory bird species such as quails, partridges or woodcocks can be found in large parts of the country.

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