Italian is the official language in Italy, San Marino and is partly spoken in Switzerland. In the tourist regions of Italy, the locals also speak English and sometimes even German. However, it makes sense to know the most important Italian words and phrases.

The most important Italian words and phrases for your trip to Italy

Hello! – Ciao! (spoken: Tchao)

Good day. – Buon giorno. (spoken: Buon dschiorno)

Yes / No – Si / No

Thank you. – Grazie (spoken: gratsie)

Please!… / Thank you! – Per favore! …Grazie! (spoken: Pehr fawohreh…gratsie)

You’re welcome. / Here you go. – Prego.

Excuse me… – Mi scusi… (spoken: Mi skusi)

How are you doing? – Come stai? (spoken: Kome stai)

Fine, thanks. – Bene, grazie. (spoken: Bene, gratsie)

What’s your name? – Come ti chiami? (spoken: Kometi kiami?)

My name is… – Mi chiamo….. (spoken: Mi kiamo…)

I don’t speak Italian. Do you speak English? – Non parlo italiano. Parla inglese? (spoken: Non paarlo italiano. Parla inglese?)

Speak more slowly, please. – Parli più piano, per favore. (spoken: Parli piu piano pehr fawohreh)

I only speak a few words of Italian! – Conosco solo alcune parole in italiano! (spoken: Konosko solo alkune parole in italiano)

The famous olive oil regions are the province Brindisi and the communities Carovigno, Ceglie, Messapica, Cisternino, Fasano, Ostuni, San Michele, Salentino, San Vito dei Normanni and Villa Castelli.

The most popular olive oils from Apulia are:

The “Pane di Altamura” is the first bread speciality from Italy which is protected with the quality seal DOP (Denominazione d’Origine Protetta). It is the Italian seal for products with a protected designation of origin. To produce this bread, a special mixture of varied kinds of durum wheat is needed, which is mainly cultivated in the Apulian high plains of the Murgia and the hills of Matera in Basilicata.

Once it was the basic food for the inhabitants of the Murgia. They knead the dough at home and baked it in the bakeries of the small villages. They sealed the dough with a kind of stamp of the head of the family. Its main feature was the long durability, which was important to ensure the food for the farmers for weeks, the duration they were in their farmsteads in the high plains.

The Altamura bread has a long tradition in Apulia and owes its excellent quality not only to its raw materials but also to the traditional manufacturing method. It consists of five steps. After adding water, salt and yeast they are: kneading – forming – letting the dough rise – forming – baking (in brickkilns). Thus, it gets its fine taste, a good digestibility and long durability. 

Italian phrases for the restaurant 

The winegrowing is also deeply rooted in the Apulian tradition. The mild climate conditions favour the vineyards and therefore it is no surprise, that Apulia produces more wine than any other Italian region! Nowadays, there are 25 DOC wine regions in Apulia.

The most famous grape is the “Primitivo”, which is full-bodied and has a high alcoholic content. The most cultivated grape variety is the “Negroamaro”. The cultivation of white wine grapes accounts for only 20% of the entire production, with an increasing trend. Since recently, you can also find excellent rosé wines.

Sentences to ask the way

How do I follow… Come arrivare a… (spoken: Kome arivare a…)

Help! – Aiuto! (spoken: Ajuto)

Where are the toilets? – Dov’è il gabinetto? (spoken: Dowe ihl gabinetto)

Turn left / turn right – Giri a sinistra / Giri a destra.

Straight ahead – Diritto

Opposite … – Verso il …

After the… – Dopo il …

Before the… – Prima del…

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