Whether you want to get away with a group of friends or join a seat-in tour and meet new people, our group tours are the way to go.

Small Group Tours to italy

Discover the beauty of Italy with our small group tours, designed for groups of 8 or more persons. Our tours are led by experienced local guides who will take you on a journey through Italy’s rich history, culture, and cuisine. With carefully curated itineraries, personalized service, and authentic experiences, our tours offer a unique and unforgettable way to explore Italy.

Why Small Group Tours?

Small group tours are perfect for those who want to explore Italy with a personal touch. They offer a more intimate travel experience, and our experienced guides will ensure you have a trip of a lifetime.

  1. Explore off-the-beaten-path: Smaller groups mean you can visit places that larger tours simply can’t reach. We’ll show you the real Italy – from quiet hilltop villages to picturesque vineyards.
  2. Personalized Experience: Our tour leaders get to know you and tailor experiences to your interests, whether you’re a foodie, a history buff, or an art enthusiast.
  3. Travel with like-minded people: Enjoy the company of a small group of fellow travellers. Share experiences, make new friends, and create unforgettable memories together.

Our Small Group Tours

At Italiaplus, we offer a variety of small group tours to meet your unique interests and preferences:

  • Art and Culture Tours: Explore Italy’s rich cultural heritage, visit renowned museums, and marvel at stunning architecture. Visit our Art and Culture Tours page for more details.
  • Active Hiking and Trekking Tours: Experience the diverse landscapes of Italy through our active hiking and trekking tours. Take a look at our Active Hiking and Trekking Tours page to discover the perfect adventure.
  • Musical Tours: Enjoy Italy’s rich musical heritage, attend live performances, and visit the birthplaces of famous Italian composers. For more information, check out our Musical Tours
  • Culinary Group Tours: Dive into the flavours of Italy with our culinary tours. Enjoy hands-on cooking classes, wine tasting, and visits to local markets. Find out more on our Culinary Group Tours
  • Roadster and Old-timer Tours: Experience Italy in a classic way with our roadster and old-timer tours. Drive through scenic routes and enjoy the landscape. Learn more on our Roadster and Old-timer Tours

Exceptional Service

We work closely with local providers, ensuring that you get the best service and exclusive conditions. You can learn more about our selected hotels for groups here.

At Italiaplus, we believe in offering our clients an unforgettable experience. From planning to execution, our team ensures your small group tour is meticulously organized. With over 10 years of experience, we are dedicated to providing you with a high-quality, authentic Italian experience.

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