Whisk away your employees or customers to the dreamlike Mediterranean island! The paradisiacal Sicily with its imposing volcano Etna offers the perfect backdrop to appreciate the good performances of your employees or the loyalty of your customers in a special way!

wonderful climate

Sicily is an island in Southern Italy that has a great climate to offer. With mild temperatures, enjoy the scenery on a catamaran excursion or dinner at a winery or agriturismo.


The island of Sicily has a large number of Unesco World Heritage Sites to offer an optimal framework program for an incentive trip. For example, the Valley of the Temples fascinates its visitors!

the vulcan etna

The active volcano Etna is powerful and unique! Lead your team to this special place and feel the special energy of this place during an extraordinary volcano tour!

Incentive in Sicily

Sicily is one of the most beautiful islands on earth and is home to Europe’s largest active volcano, Etna. Blessed by nature with many advantages, it offers breathtaking beauty and diversity over 1,000 kilometres of coastline. Lined up mountain ranges and the paradisiacal Aeolian Islands off the coast of Sicily offer an impressive panorama. The history and tradition of the island are also impressive – everywhere you can find evidence of Sicily’s 3,000-year history. Let the island enchant you and take you back in time!

Hotel example for your stay in Sicily

The picturesque fishing village in the northeast of the island offers fantastic beaches and landscapes for an appealing supporting programme for your incentive in Sicily. We have personally selected an exclusive 4-star hotel for you, which perfectly combines the authentic charm and warm hospitality of Sicily. Situated directly by the sea, it offers private beach access and all amenities from the spacious pool area, a tennis and fitness centre, as well as air-conditioned rooms with veranda or terrace.

Enjoy a varied breakfast buffet with everything your heart desires in the morning! In the excellent hotel restaurant you will be spoiled with typical Sicilian and Italian delicacies as well as fresh regional products. Let the eventful day pass with a glass of Sicilian wine in review!

Program modules for your incentive in Sicily (suggestions)

Wine tasting or wine Olympics at the foot of Etna:
The region around the largest active volcano in Europe offers particularly good climatic conditions for viticulture, which you will learn more about during a wine tasting! Taste some of the best Sicilian wines with typical delicacies and antipasti. As part of your incentive in Italy, we would be happy to organise our Wine Olympics, where participants can test their knowledge of this delicious wine! The Wine Quiz, a Skill Contest or a Blind Wine Tasting for groups are very popular as incentive activities in Italy. Talk to us!

Excursion or team building on the volcano Etna:
Experience the mighty giant Etna in Sicily at first hand during an excursion to the largest active volcano in Europe. A tour along the primeval lava deserts of Etna and the fantastic view are definitely among the most exciting experiences of a trip to Sicily. Climb the volcano, for example, on an off-road tour in an off-road vehicle. Of course, all tours are guided, as the routes change frequently due to the activity of Etna. We would be happy to work with you to develop team-building elements that strengthen the cohesion of your group! Together with our professional team trainers, Italiaplus develops individual tasks in personal coordination with you!

High angle view of Crater Silvestri at Mount Etna.

Boat trip to the Aeolian Islands:

The paradisiacal archipelago is located in front of Sicily in the northeast and consists of seven islands, all of which have volcanic origin. Since 2000 they have all been included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage list. They are the holiday paradise par excellence and offer fantastic beaches, hiking trails and the active volcanoes Volcano and Stromboli, the highlight of the archipelago. Even today, Stromboli sprays glowing lava fountains several times an hour hundreds of meters into the air! Relax on a boat trip to the Aeolian Islands as part of your Sicily incentive and enjoy the fantastic view of the archipelago and the gigantic Etna.

Culinary tour or cooking course:
The beautiful Mediterranean island offers many culinary highlights in addition to its cultural and scenic attractions! Above all, the complex history of the island is reflected in Sicilian cuisine today. The Arabs, Romans, Greeks, as well as the French and Spaniards introduced many flavours that are considered typical Sicilian today. Taste extraordinary flavours such as the combination of raisins and pine nuts on a culinary tour as part of your incentive in Sicily! We take you to authentic taverns, osterias, typical Italian markets or exclusive locations such as villas and palazzi, rounded off with Sicilian live music!

Or learn how to prepare delicious Sicilian dishes in a cooking course! Would you like to add a teambuilding component? Then let your employees compete in teams in our cooking duel! Under the guidance of an Italian chef, a typical Sicilian menu is created, which can then be chosen. Of course you can enjoy your self-prepared menus with a meal afterwards!

The cultural highlights of Sicily / Paparazzi-Tour:
Sicily is packed with cultural attractions, a total of nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites and historic towns and villages! We take you to the most exciting highlights of the island. Discover picturesque coastal villages with an important past, cities marked by the mighty Etna, ancient excavations and centuries-old monuments – all under the warm Sicilian sun!

Would you like to discover the cities of Sicily on your own? Then join our paparazzi city tour on your incentive in Sicily, during which your employees or customers explore the most important highlights of the respective city in teams. The urban high-speed rally with GPS devices or smartphones turns your employees into paparazzi. Different tasks require speed, creativity and team spirit. An individual photo travel guide is created with the help of the equipment provided – a great souvenir of your incentive in southern Italy!

Italiaplus service for your incentive in Sicily:

  • Personal advice from an Italiaplus project manager
  • Individual programming
  • Flexible travel duration (e.g. 2 – 5 days)
  • Already for small groups from 10 persons
  • Selected hotels, locations and service partners
  • On-site assistance and support by an Italiaplus project manager
  • Tour guide by at least one authorized, local guide
  • We speak German, English, Italian, Spanish and Russian (other languages on request)

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We are happy to advise you on all matters concerning your company incentive in Sic


Fitness +
Nature experience +++
Trust ++/+++
Orientation +/++/+++
Teambuilding +/++/+++
Challenge +


Min 10 – Max 120


Panoramic streets with beautiful views at the coast or in the hinterland


Half day or whole day (3 to 6 h)


Personal assistance by Italiaplus
1 GPS Head Guide and 2 Supervisors


Award Ceremony, Give-Aways, Lunch etc.


B driving license requested

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