You are an enthusiast of roadsters, old-timers or convertibles? So why don´t you combine your next vacation with a drive through Italy? We offer roadster tours for groups throughout Italy.


On our tours we will lead you every day with your own or a rented roadster, old-timer or convertible along beautiful routes to you favorite spots in Italy. You will get enchanted by stunning views of the nature and the sea, by beautiful medieval villages, vibrant fishing villages and famous Italian cities! Enjoy the car ride along curvy roads in the hinterland or at the coast! 

Every day another city, town or village in Italy awaits you. We will show you the sightseeing highlights of your today´s destination and  reveal some insider tips to you. If you want to get active after the long ride in your roadster, we can also offer you some activities, such as hiking trips, biking or GPS tours.

During your stay in Italy you will spend the nights in comfortable hotels with safe parking areas. Every evening you will enjoy regional foods and wines in your hotel or selected restaurants at your destination.

Choose Liguria, Piedmont, Umbria, Apulia, the Marches or another region in Italy and we will create a tailor-made roadster, old-timer or convertible tour for your group in Italy. On request, we will rent your favorite car for your group tour.  

We are looking forward to your request for a roadster, convertible or old-timer tour in Italy!

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