Umbria is located in the center of Italy and surrounded by the regions of Tuscany, Lazio, Abruzzo and The Marches.

A Journey Through Italy's Green Heart.

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Lake Trasimeno is one of the cleanest lakes in Italy. Maybe it owes this fact the network “Living Lakes” which stands for the protection of lakes and rivers. In summer the quality of the lake is controlled every two weeks. You can bathe in Lake Trasimeno at 18 designated beaches. We recommend you to stay at or at least visit the medieval village “Castiglione del Lago” which is located to the west of the lake. Just like Bevagna, Spello and Norcia the village belongs to the most beautiful villages in Italy, the “Borghi più belli d´Italia”.

What begins at Lake Trasimeno with small hills in the West of Umbria ends in the south east with the Apennines which ascends in the national park of the “Monti Sibillini” to 2.000 meters! To defend the towns from enemies in medieval times the people built many Umbrian towns – including Orvieto, Perugia, Trevi and Todi – on top of the hills and surrounded them with high walls. On top of this page you can see the beautiful town of Todi proudly looking down at the neighboring villages in the valley.

In the “centri storici” (historic centers) of many medieval towns in Umbria you can stroll through the alleyways und enjoy the hustle and bustle in a café at a “piazza”. Cars won´t disturb you because the historic centers are traffic-free. Handicapped people can use elevators or escalators got get from the parking areas to the historic centers.

Hikers find many hiking trails in Umbria. Choose for example to walk along moderate paths at Lake Trasimeno, “Monteo Cucco” and “Subasio” or cope the challenging ascent of the “Monti Sibillini”! The Sibillini are popular with mountain bikers, too. Pilgrims enjoy a walk on the pilgrimage route from Perugia to Piediluco, which was opened in 2008.

After a day of activities the belly yells for delicious foods! Of course Umbria has a lot of culinary delights to offer. The Umbrian down-to-earth cuisine tempts with boar dishes, the fish stew “tegamacchio” or pasta with truffles. Local wines from the vineyards of Montefalco and Orvieto make the delight complete..

Of course, Umbria is not as well known as Tuscany or Rome, but for the last few years this green region has become more and more popular. Wealthy travelers recognized the charm of this region and you can already find nice weekend houses of the Romans here. The increasing popularity does not only make the prices rise but also make the amount of restaurants and bars grow. Come and see how the small modest towns come to life!

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