The South of Umbria with Orvieto and Narni

The south of Umbria offers not only scenic highlights but also important and special towns and sights. Read more about the most interesting towns in southern Umbria.

Orvieto and Narni, Gems of Italy's Countryside

Orvieto in the beautiful Nera Valley

The beautiful town of Orvieto in southwestern Umbria is perched high on a volcanic tufa rock that was formed when Monti Volsini erupted some 300,000 years ago. The neighbouring Lago di Bolsena was also formed during this eruption. It is already in the neighbouring region of Lazio.
The main sights of the city include the over 60 m deep Patricks Fountain with its superimposed spiral staircases and the world-famous cathedral, striped like a zebra, with its richly decorated façade. The cathedral is said to have taken over three centuries to build and 33 architects, 90 mosaic artists, 152 sculptors and 68 painters were employed for its construction.

Museum fans and wine drinkers also get their money’s worth here. The volcanic tuff is perfect to produce the straw-yellow “Orvieto classico.”

Narni with the famous “Ponte d’Augusto” bridge

The tranquil town of Narni lies densely packed on a ridge in Valnerina in southern Umbria. The highlight of the village is the once 128 m long bridge “Ponte d’Augusto” dating back to 27 B.C. It was built with light-coloured travertine stone and withstood the floods of the Nera for over a thousand years, although it fell victim to a catastrophic flood in 1053.

The defiant pillars and the well-preserved bridge arch still attract painters, photographers and engravers. The medieval churches and palazzi such as the cathedral “San Giovenale,” the “Palazzo dei Priori” and the church “Santa Maria Impensole” on Via Mazzini are worth seeing.

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