Perugia and Citta della-Pieve

Perugia is Umbria's capital, famous for its medieval architecture and chocolate. Città della Pieve is a charming nearby town known for its picturesque streets and stunning views.

The most beautiful towns and villages in Umbria

The central Italian region of Umbria has lush, green, hilly landscapes, crystal-clear lakes and impressive mountain scenery. Art and culture can also be found in the “heart of Italy”! Read more about Umbria’s capital Perugia and the tranquil Città della Pieve.

The regional capital Perugia

No trip to Umbria can bypass the vibrant regional capital of Perugia! It is the administrative centre of Umbria and the educational and university city of the region. The approximately 30,000 students give an international flair to the city and keep it lively and young. The local recreation area is right on the doorstep: the large Lake Trasimeno is only a short 20-minute drive away.

Perugia is a wonderful place to stroll and shop in and its historic centre with its medieval gates, palaces and churches takes its visitors back to ancient times. It stretches over a 500-metre-high group of hills, with the sunny “Piazza IV Novembre” at the top. Along the Corso Vannucci, you can stroll along the shops and cafés to the “Piazza Italia,” which offers a magnificent view of the Tiber Valley.

Particularly worth seeing is the “San Lorenzo” cathedral, which was built over 150 years. The centrepiece of the “Piazza IV Novembre” is the “Fontana Maggiore,” a magnificent three-storey marble fountain. Here you will also find Perugia’s beautiful cathedral and the colossal building of the “Palazzo Communale.” Inside is the Umbrian National Gallery with an extensive collection of Umbrian art. The greatest masters were Piero della Francesca, Benozzo Gozzoli and Perugino, Raphael’s predecessor and teacher.

Città della Pieve in northern Umbria

In the Val di Chiana, on a hill, lies the tranquil town of Città della Pieve, which is the oldest episcopal see in the region. The entire old town was built of red bricks. Pietro Vannucci, the most important artist in Umbria, was born here in 1445. He made art history under the name of Perugino and was the great

A Journey Through Italy's Green Heart.

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