Umbrian specialities

The green region in central Italy not only offers scenic diversity and towns and cities steeped in history but also knows how to delight the palates of its visitors! Enjoy fresh local products and exquisite delicacies, such as truffles and wonderful wines, paired with Umbrian hospitality.

Regional specialities from Umbria

As in the neighbouring region of Marche, truffles are also one of the special highlights on the plate in Umbria. The “tartufo nero” and the “tartufo bianco,” the black and white truffles, come mainly from the north and east of the region.
In the soils of the oak forests along the Tiber, one of Europe’s main finding regions for black truffles extends. This is where about 45% of Italy’s production comes from. The delicacies are harvested from late autumn to March and are used for pasta, salads and meat sauces.

The Umbrian pasta variety “pici” from Città della Pieve is shorter, thicker and more irregular than spaghetti. In the mountain town of Norcia, people like to eat “lenticchie,” small lentils from the nearby plateau of Castelluccio, together with the delicious pork sausages from chestnut and acorn-fed animals. Even pigeon spit is served in the pilgrim town of Assisi. Covered with a slice of ham, it is enjoyed as “palombaccia alla ghiotta.”

The grilled suckling pig can be found at every village festival and every major market in Umbria. The tasty “coregone” (whitefish) and many freshwater eels swim in the waters of Lake Trasimeno. Several fish from the lake are used for the popular fish stew “tegamaccio.”

The wines and “dolci” of Umbria

The straw-yellow Orvieto is probably the most famous wine of the region and Umbria’s biggest export wine. In Italy, it is usually served secco (dry). In recent years, the top wines from the protected DOCG areas (Denominazione di Origine Controllata Garantita) from Torgiano and Montefalco have also become increasingly well-known. Other regional wines include Colli Altotiberini from the upper Tiber Valley, Colli del Trasimeno, Colli Perugini and Colli Martani south of the regional capital Perugia, and Assisi.
Sweets and desserts are also loved in Umbria. The “fave dei morti” consist of a delicious chocolate-nut mixture with icing and the “pan nociato” is a popular fruit bread with sheep’s cheese from the area around Todi. In winter people like to eat the typical “tartufo al marrone,” which is a bittersweet cake made of chestnut flour.

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