The geographical position
of Umbria

The "green heart of Italy" is the only region in the country that does not have a seacoast or a border with foreign countries. It is divided into the two provinces of Perugia with the regional capital of the same name and the province of Terni.

"The Central Heart of Italy: The Geographical Position of Umbria"

Of Umbria’s total area of 8,456 km², the Monti Sibillini mountains in the east, which also extend over the Marche region, cover about one-third of it. Pasture farming and agriculture are the most important economic factors. Likewise, a successful market in handicrafts and the tourism industry has been growing steadily in recent years.

The geographical position of Umbria, located in the central part of Italy, has played a crucial role in the region’s history and culture. Surrounded by the Apennine Mountains and crossed by the Tiber River, Umbria has been an important crossroads for transportation and trade between northern and southern Italy. Its climate and landscapes, influenced by its mountainous location, have made it a lush and green region, renowned for its agriculture and local delicacies. 

Overall, the central position of Umbria has contributed to its unique identity and significance as a cultural and economic hub in Italy.

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