The Marches combine all geographic facets of Italy. On almost 10.000 km² you find endless beaches as well as Alpine landscapes, such as the Monti Sibillini or Monte Conero.

The Marches are coastal & historic

Everything you need to know about the Marches in Italy

The Marches are split into the following five provinces:

  • Pesaro-Urbino
  • Ancona (where you can find the Ancona city – capital of The Marches)
  • Macerata
  • Fermo
  • Ascoli Piceno

If you want to spend your vacation in Italy far away from mass tourism then The Marches is the place to be!  Besides the seaside resorts which attract bathers in summer, this Italian region enchants with tranquility and authenticity.

Not far from the small, 180 km long coastal strip the backlands of the Marches – where hills alternate with river valleys – begin. Here you will find nature as far as the eye  can see, as well as placid valleys and beautiful hiking trails, like in the Monti Sibillini at the border to Umbria.

The backlands offer enough space to grow vegetables, fruits, olives and wine grapes. The white “Verdicchio di Castelli di Jesi” or the red “Rosso Piceno” from the hills of Ascoli Piceno are two of the best wines of The Marches.

The cuisine of The Marches is highly regional and traditional. One should definitely try one of the characteristic truffle dishes! Along  the coasts, fish specialties such as the fish soup “Brodetto” dominate, but also in the backlands you can savor freshwater fish, such as farmed  trout. Further regional specialties are “Formaggio di fossa” from Montefeltro, “Olive all’ascolana” (big, filled and fried olives) or desserts made of figs, nuts, honey and liquor.    

Take your time to discover all facets of the Marches! The best beaches are located in the provinces of Fermo and Ascoli Piceno, but Anconca has a beautiful beach, too: “Le Due Sorelle” is located at a very privileged spot at the “Monte Coneo” and can only be reached by  boat.

Ancona city is capital of The Marches and an important port city in Italy. The port of Ancona is the biggest port for passenger vessels at the mid Adria. The traffic free historic center of Ancona lies hidden between two hills and enchants with beautiful squares, such as “Piazza del Plebiscito“. In the backlands of Ancona you should visit the “Grotte di Frasassi”, the biggest accessible cave system in Italy.

If you travel to the northern province of “Pesaro-Urbino” you shouldn´t miss the “Palazzo Ducale” and the national gallery in Urbino, fortress “San Leo” in the Montefeltro and the „Palazzo” in Urbania!      

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