The landscape of the Marches

Even the relief makes it clear that the Marches are "Italy in one region". The multifaceted region in central Italy stretches between the endless sandy beaches and bays of the Adriatic coast gently falling into the sea, over the gentle sea of hills towards the Apennines.

Discovering the breathtaking landscape of the Marches

The most beautiful stretches of coast in the Marche

The entire region is dotted with magnificent stretches of coastline against an imposing backdrop. Probably the most beautiful beach in the Marches is “Le Due Sorelle,” which means the “beach of the two sword stars.” It is located near the capital Ancona and named after the two towering rocks in a bay on the steep coast of Monte Conero. The dream beach can only be reached by boat so that the number of visitors remains at a manageable level.

To the north, at the foot of Monte San Bartolo, there are other beautiful sandy beaches between Gabicce Mare and Pesaro in the north on the border with Emilia-Romagna. Many of the beaches in the Marches have been awarded the “Bandiera Blu” for their excellent water quality for years.

Ranges of hills and mountains in the hinterland of the Marches
More than two-thirds of the area of the Marches consists of chains of hills stretching between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennines. Today, the land is mainly used for winegrowing, especially in the area around Jesi, Monte Conero and around Ascoli Piceno.

Larger forest areas can be found in nature reserves such as the “Parco Naturale del Sasso Simone e Simoncello” in the north of the Marches and the very south in the national parks of the Monti Sibillini and the Gran Sasso.

A tour through the imposing mountain scenery of the Apennines in the southwest of the region should not be missing on any trip to the Marches! The rock formations and mighty “humps” of the “Monte Azzurri,” as they are also called, rise to 2,500 m high in front of flat plateaus and deep gorges.

The highest mountain of the Monte Sibillini is Monte Vettore at 2,476 m in the southeast of the mountain region. In front of it are the huge plateaus of Piano Grande and Piano Perduto, which formed a huge lake during the last ice age. A hike to the legendary Lago Pilato at 1,945 m is particularly impressive. The north and northwest of the mountain region are popular as ski resorts throughout central Italy.

The Marches are coastal & historic

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