The dwarf state of San Marino

The tiny state of San Marino lies between the Marche and Emilia-Romagna and delights with its three watchtowers on Monte Titano, which are the landmarks of the oldest republic in the world. Approximately two million visitors come here every year to shop on the cheap.

The history of the world's oldest republic

The legend surrounding San Marino begins as early as the second half of the 3rd century! The two stonemasons Marino and Leo, who came to Italy from Croatia to rebuild the once-destroyed city of Ariminum (today Rimini) founded the republic. As faithful followers of the Christian faith, they achieved great renown in Rimini thanks to their piety, and after the reconstruction, they retired as hermits on Monte Titano and Monte Feretrio (San Leo).

Soon an ever-growing crowd of followers surrounded Marino and Leo and built their church, which the landowner Verissimo tried to prevent from being constructed. He was a bon vivant and had no sympathy for so much piety. When the dispute escalated and Verissimo wanted to fire an arrow at Marino, Verissimo suddenly became mute and was paralysed! The pleading of Verissimo’s mother softened Marino and he miraculously made him recover. In thanks, he was granted the territory around Monte Titano. The official day of the founding of the state was given as 3 September 301.

The landmarks of San Marino

The Repubblica di San Marino has an area of just 61 km² and only 32,000 inhabitants. The imposing rock of Monte Titano dominates the landscape of the dwarf state. On its ridge are the landmarks of San Marino – the watchtowers Guaita, Cesta and Montale, from west to east. The “Rocca” (“La Guaita”) dates from the 13th century and lies at the highest point of the mountain. From the accessible walls and the bell tower, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the town and the surrounding countryside.
The “Passo delle Streghe”, the Witches’ Pass, leads to the “Torre La Cesta”, the middle tower. From here you can walk along a paved path, the “Salita al Montale” in 10 minutes to the third tower “Torre Montale”. It is no longer accessible, but the beautiful walk there alone is worth the detour.

The Marches are coastal & historic

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