Every country and every culture has its own customs and traditions. In the land of "sweet life", too, you can put your foot in it. Get to know the culture and customs of the country - we have gathered some interesting information for you!

Italian eating and drinking habits

Delicious food is very important in Italy and the Italians take a lot of time for it. However, breakfast is rather neglected, but lunch and dinner are served with at least two courses. In the morning, Italians only have a light breakfast, often consisting only of a cup of espresso or cappuccino for adults and warm milk for the children and biscotti (Italian biscuits) or a croissant. If you want to eat it like a real Italian, do it while standing at the bar!

Lunch is usually between 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm. In northern Italy, dinner is usually served after the traditional “aperitivo” from 7:30 pm, in Sicily and other southern regions, however, in some cases only at 10:30 pm! Of course, all kinds of pasta are popular, and is served with many different sauces and side dishes. In Italy, however, it is usually ordered as an appetizer and not as a main course! This usually consists of meat or fish, vegetables and a side dish.

Probably the most famous type of pasta is the spaghetti, whereby the biting off or previous crushing of the long noodles and also the use of a spoon to untwist is frowned upon. Skilfully rolling up the spaghetti with just a fork is not only part of the freestyle, it’s a must! If you cannot handle this, you should simply order a different type of pasta. In Italy, wine belongs to food like the amen in the church, but only as long as you don’t slurp and stagger.

Italian manners 

The informal greeting among friends is “Ciao”, i.e. “hello” or “goodbye”. On more official occasions, a “Buon giorno” for “good day” or “Buona sera” for “good evening” can be heard. If you don’t know someone well, you’re on the safe side. In this case, it is also better to use an “Arrivederci” as a farewell.

A good mood is also an important requirement in Italy. You don’t carry your feelings on your tongue and don’t let it show when a louse has run over your liver. As a German, one may express oneself with enthusiasm about Italian food, the impressive cities, landscapes and antique cultural assets. The Italians are proud of their role as a cultural nation and their cuisine!

In the Italian culture of conversation, a greater physical closeness is more common than in Germany. And even the increased volume level may seem unusual, but is the order of the day here. Family cohesion here is significantly stronger than in most other European countries. In southern Italy, larger families are common and often several generations live under one roof. In northern Italy, most families have only one or two children.

Italians are also aesthetes and appreciate well-dressed people! Swimwear and slippers are not appreciated off the beaches. In the lagoon city of Venice it can even happen that you have to pay fines of up to 200 Euros in public places if you are caught wearing swimwear! When visiting churches, covered shoulders and legs are mandatory as a sign of respect.

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