In Italy you can go hiking in almost every region. Whether in a lonely mountain idyll in the Alps or the Dolomites, through the colourful vineyards of the many wine-growing regions, or along the beautiful coasts of Liguria. There is something for every hiker!

Calling the mountains - the Alps and Dolomites in Northern Italy

Many of the once remote Dolomite villages in South Tyrol have become world-famous holiday resorts in recent years. The Gardena Valley is on everyone’s lips, not least because of the organisation of the World Ski Championships. But the region does not only attract many holidaymakers in winter – there are over 17,000 km of hiking and forest paths to explore!

In spring, the fruit tree blossom enchants on a hike in the valleys; in summer, the somewhat higher altitudes lure with cool and refreshing temperatures. You can hike in the region until autumn. The many treasures of the ancient cultural landscape lure throughout the year.

The northernmost tip of the Italian region Piedmont belongs to the province Verbano Cusio Ossola and offers lonely mountain idyll and fashionable bathing tourism on Lake Maggiore at the same time. The north and west of the region are characterized by the mountain scenery of the Alps, which form a sharp contrast to the lake basin of Lake Maggiore.

The town of Domodossola, which offers excellent transport connections, is an ideal starting point for hikers. From here you can explore the numerous hiking trails through the untamed nature around Monte Rosa and Monviso – with a magnificent view of the lakes of Piedmont.

Around Lake Garda in Veneto, the mountain world has a lot to offer for sports climbers, mountain hikers and mountain bikers! About an hour’s drive west of the lake is no sign of the tourist bustle. The side valleys are wild and pristine, giving hikers access to the Adamello-Brenta Natural Park. Also the mountains at the neighbouring Lake Ledro lead its visitors on lonely paths and panoramic peaks, like the Cima d’Oro and the Monte Carone.

Magnificent coastal hiking areas in Liguria 

In Liguria, the Alps dive into the Gulf of Genoa and offer wonderful opportunities for hikers and mountain bikers! Almost two thirds of Liguria consists of mountains, and the hinterland reveals a completely different character to the pulsating coastal towns.

The region offers alpine activities such as climbing through the rocks of the Sentiero degli Alpini or climbing Monte Saccarello (2,201 m), the highest mountain in the region. The famous villages of the Cinque Terre offer breathtaking views of the coast that plunges steeply into the sea. The trails high above the peninsula of Portofino also offer great opportunities to combine walks with boat trips. 

Hiking in Central and Southern Italy

The Apennines stretch across Tuscany from the Apuan Alps in the northwest to the Umbrian border in the southeast. The mountains rise to heights of around 1,500m and the vegetation is more Central European than Mediterranean. It offers a beautiful hiking area surrounded by the charming cultural landscapes of Tuscany.

Parts of the Monti Sibillini has the highest peaks in the Marche region. This ideal hiking landscape is interesting everywhere and offers impressive landscapes: bare peaks, gorges, waterfalls, forests and meadows. In Abruzzo you can make great hiking tours in the magnificent high mountain landscape. However, good physical condition is required – many routes require mountain experience and a spirit of adventure.

The southern Italian regions also offer wonderful hiking trails along the Amalfi coast on the Gulf of Naples or in southern Cilento in Campania. In Sardinia, not only the turquoise-blue sea and the white sandy beaches, but also the mighty Supramonte mountain range with its rugged rock formations are attractive.

The wildly romantic, volcanic landscape of the Aeolian Islands off Sicily also offers charming hiking trails with breathtaking views of the archipelago. In addition, the largest Mediterranean island with the volcano Etna offers a breathtaking backdrop for hikes along the lava slopes up to 2,000 m above sea level.

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