The length of the boot-shaped peninsula reaches up to 1,200 km, favouring a large variety of landscapes and climate conditions. All the 20 Italian regions, their inhabitants and traditions and culture are very diverse as well.

Mountains & beautiful lakes in Northern Italy

The northern part of the country is framed by France in the west, Switzerland and Austria in the north, and Slovenia in the east. The provinces Aosta Valley, the Piedmont, the Lombardy, South Tyrol, Friuli-Venetia and Venetia are characterized by the Italian Alpes and the Dolomites and the region Liguria by the Ligurian Alpes. In the Aosta Valley, you can find Europe’s highest mountains, like the Mont Blanc with 4,807 m and the Matterhorn with 4,478 m. The popular alpine lakes, the Lake Garda and the Lago Maggiore, lie in the Lombardy.

The Northern Italian plains include the entire Po delta, which stretches from Venetia to the Emilia-Romagna. In the southern part, the Ligurian and Emilian Apennines mark the border of Northern Italy. Northern Italy also dazzles with interesting tourist destinations for extensive city trips! Especially the regional capitals Milano, Venice and Bologna and the art cities Ravenna and Ferrara, which are listed as UNESCO-World-Heritage.

The unique Central Italy

Central Italy consists of the regions Tuscany, Umbria, the Marche and Latium. It is a perfect holiday destination for nature lovers as well as city travellers! Elegant cities and down-to-earth rural life form a significant contrast, which makes this part of Italy distinctive. In the northern part, the Apennines in Tuscany mark the border to the neighbouring region Emilia-Romagna. The Marches and Umbria are characterized by the Apennines as well. In the east, Central Italy is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea and in the west by the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The cities of Florence and Pisa in Tuscany are culturally valuable, and, of course, Italy’s capital Rome in Latium, is one of Europe’s most elegant metropolis!

Southern Italy or the “Mezzogiorno”

The southern part of Italy includes the regions Abruzzo, Molise, Campania, Basilicata, Apulia and Calabria on the mainland, as well as the islands Sardinia and Sicily. Economically, it is less developed than the other parts, but dazzles with its beautiful landscapes and coastlines as well as cultural highlights!

The Mezzogiorno is a popular holiday destination and offers varied leisure activities and lots of excursion possibilities. It is characterized by a mild Mediterranean climate and Sicily is even one of the hottest and driest areas in Europe. The region dazzles with wonderful coastlines, romantic islands, untouched landscapes in the nature reserves and warm-hearted people.

The cultural highlights of Southern Italy are numerous UNESCO-World-Heritage-Sites, such as the unique Trulli houses in Apulia, the cave city Matera in Basilicata, as well as impressive natural phenomena like Europe’s tallest active volcano Etna in Sicily. The regional capitals Naples and Palermo offer a lot to explore, too!

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