The province Brindisi is the second smallest province of Apulia after Barletta-Andria-Trani. Its eponymous capital has the largest ferry harbour of Southern Italy and the largest harbour at the Adriatic Sea.

The provincial capital Brindisi

The marine monument Monumento al Marianaio was built by Mussolini in 1933. It has the form of a rudder, and offers a magnificent view of Brindisi, its harbour and the surrounding areas. You can get to the monument by an elevator; only the last 96 stairs must be taken by foot. Or you can even walk the whole path by stairway, if you are keen on sports. The staircase is decorated with lots of information and photographs about the building history and naval shipping.

The “white city” Ostuni 

Ostuni is one of the highlights in Brindisi and well-known for its magnificent beaches. The city has three nicknames, which describe it very well. The name “Città Bianca” arises from the chalk-white houses and dwellings, which stretch along the three surrounding hilltops to the city’s citadel.


It is also named the “Città dei sette venti,” which meands city of the seven winds, due to its pleasant sea breeze in the hot summers. Ostuni is surrounded by endless olive groves on the characteristic red terra, which Apulia is famous for. Thus, it is called the “Regina degli ulivi,” which means queen of the olive trees.

North of the city, the Adriatic Coast stretches and the beautiful beaches, or Lidos, string together. Here, you can enjoy excellent dishes made of fresh fish and sea urchins, which are a local delicacy.

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