Italy is a famous destination for lovers of classical music, so let yourself be delighted by a musical trip with high-class performances and musical highlights in special place!

Enjoy high-class classical music in magical theatres

The music from Italy plays an important role in Europe’s cultural history. The opera as we know it today evolved in the charming city of Florence during the early baroque era in the 17th century. Florence is also the home town and source of inspiration of famous composers, such as Antonio Vivaldi or Giacomo Puccini.

After Rome and Florence, Venice became another important opera city. The world-famous Gran Teatro La Fenice in the unique lagoon city was restored after a fire in the 18th century. It was the favoured opera house for the opera premieres of prominent composers, such as Giuseppe Verdi. The magical atmosphere of this theatre was perfect to delight the audience. And it still is!

A musical group tour to Italy can also be perfectly combined with the exclusive New Year’s Concert in Venice! It is annually organised by the Italian TV and exhibits renowned musicians. During this time of the year, the romantic lagoon city exudes a particular peace and harmony, that make this concert a very special experience.

In the “Eternal City” of Rome you can enjoy a high-class musical level under the starry sky in the Terme di Caracalla. It was built in 216 A.D. by the emperor Caracalla and since 1937, open-air opera performances of the Opera of Rome take place there. The magical atmosphere and the unique ambience can delight up to 20,000 viewers!

We will be pleased to round off your musical trip to Italy with an attractive cultural supporting program. In addition to the musical highlights, we will take you to important sights and on the traces of important composers. We will choose appealing group hotels for your musical trip, in which you will feel comfortable. And, we will not only spoil your ears, but also your palate – enjoy culinary regional delicacies on your group tour to Italy!

Discover the country of music on a musical group tour with Italiaplus!

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