Explore the Italian cuisine with your colleagues or friends in a special way! During a private cooking lesson, you will learn how to prepare typical Italian delicacies, under guidance of a professional Italian chef.

Competitive Cooking

Engage in a thrilling Italian Cooking Duel that fosters team spirit, communication, and unforgettable memories alongside delicious cuisine.

Personalized Experience

We meticulously plan each culinary adventure, ensuring an authentic and enjoyable experience personalized to your preferences and skill level.

Authentic Experience

Dive into Italian gastronomy with hands-on cooking lessons led by experienced chefs, unlocking regional secrets and dishes.

Italian Cooking Duel

Nothing encapsulates the spirit and essence of Italy better than its diverse and delicious cuisine. We offer an immersive culinary experience, with our unique cooking lessons or an exciting cooking duel in Italy. Not only will you learn about the intricacies of Italian cuisine, but you will also engage in a thrilling competition that fosters team spirit and creates unforgettable memories.

Cooking Lessons

Italian cuisine is as varied as the regions that make up the country. Each area boasts its distinct flavours and traditions, and there’s no better way to discover them than through hands-on cooking lessons. Our cooking lessons offer you the chance to prepare traditional Italian dishes under the guidance of experienced chefs.

  • Learn how to knead and stretch the dough for the perfect Pizza Napoletana in a traditional stone oven in Naples.
  • Discover the art of making authentic Tagliatelle al Ragu in the heart of Bologna.
  • Master the delicate balance of flavours in a Risotto alla Milanese in the bustling city of Milan.
  • Dive into the world of sweets by learning how to prepare Cannoli Siciliani in beautiful Sicily.

Cooking Duel

For those seeking a more competitive culinary experience, we present the Italian Cooking Duel. Under the watchful eyes of our professional chefs, teams will compete against each other to prepare the best Italian dish. This activity is perfect for team-building events as it encourages cooperation, fosters communication and inspires a healthy dose of competition.

  • Put your culinary skills to the test by preparing a full course Italian meal.
  • Impress your teammates and our chefs with your creative interpretation of classic Italian dishes.
  • Celebrate your culinary victories with a glass of fine Italian wine.

Why Choose Italiaplus

With Italiaplus, every cooking experience is meticulously planned and personalized to suit the preferences and skill levels of our clients. We pride ourselves in providing an authentic and enjoyable culinary experience that goes beyond a typical team event. Our vast network of local providers ensures that you get to learn from the best chefs in Italy, and our comfortable event locations provide the perfect setting for your culinary journey.

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a group tour, or a fun team retreat, our cooking lessons or cooking duel in Italy is guaranteed to be a highlight of your trip.
Embrace your inner chef and dive into the world of Italian cuisine with Italiaplus. Contact us now to plan and create a truly unforgettable experience in “Bella Italia.”

Important Information

Teamwork +++
Teambuilding +/++/+++
Competition +++
Agility ++
Creativity ++
Tactical thinking +/++
Trust +
Nature experience +
Required knowledge –


Min 12 – Max 60


Restaurant, hotel, congress location, villa, private location



Half day (3 to 4 h)


Personal assistance by Italiaplus
1 professional Italian chef
2 Supervisor, coordinators


Recipe collection, Give-Aways


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