Become a paparazzo and discover the hotspots of the Italian cities on an urban high-speed rally under the Italian sun! Without knowledge of the destination and without any help of smartphones, GPS-devices and internet, the teams will explore the sightseeing hotspots of the city.

Adventure Sightseeing

Explore Italy's iconic cities through a unique adventure-based city tour, transforming sightseeing into an exciting team challenge.

Memorable Team Building

Foster cooperation and communication within your team as you become paparazzi for a day, capturing memorable moments in Italy.

Lasting Impressions

Create unforgettable memories and lasting bonds within your team, enhancing group dynamics through shared experiences and adventures.

Send your team on a fun loaded sightseeing trip!

Welcome to one of our most captivating team challenges: The Paparazzi City Tour! Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of the paparazzi and discover Italy’s beautiful cities through a unique lens. A fantastic way to bond with your team, our city tours combine competition, camaraderie, and exploration.

What is the Paparazzi City Tour?

The Paparazzi City Tour is a dynamic team challenge that takes participants through an exciting adventure in the heart of Italy’s most iconic cities. Equipped with cameras, your team will become paparazzi for the day, snapping photos of specific targets around the city while experiencing the incredible art, culture, and history of Italy.

Event Details

On this guided city tour, your team will be divided into groups, each tasked with finding and photographing a list of predefined targets that range from monuments, buildings, street art, or even local delicacies. The objective is to find and capture as many items as possible within a set timeframe.

Here’s what to expect:

• Photography Challenge: Discover your creative flair as you frame perfect shots within the bustling Italian cities.
• City Exploration: Engage with the city’s history, culture, and beauty as you search for your targets.
• Team Collaboration: Strengthen team ties as you strategize, collaborate, and have fun together.
The teams will compete for the coveted Paparazzi City Tour Award, turning a day of fun and exploration into a memorable, team-building event.

Why Choose the Paparazzi City Tour?

The Paparazzi City Tour provides a unique opportunity to not only explore Italy but to also engage in a fun, competitive event designed to foster team spirit and cohesion. With this activity, you are guaranteed to provide your team with an unforgettable experience, alongside the chance to discover more about Italy’s rich history and artistic culture.

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Important Information

Competition +++
Teamwork +++
Teambuilding +/++/+++
Creativity +++
Nature experience ++
Fitness (speed, endurance) ++
Tactical Thinking +/++
Agility +/++
Required knowledge – 


Min 30 – Max 1000


Italian cities and villages, coastal towns, mountain villages


Half day (1.5 – 4 h)


Personal assistance by Italiaplus
Professional outdoor guide, team trainer
2 Supervisor, 1 coordinator per 50 pax


Award Ceremony, winner’s Prosecco, Give-Aways, Branding


We recommend this creative and innovative group tour for groups of all sizes that want to discover the destination.

Our Paparazzi City Tour Offers:

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