What is Italy most famous for? Of course for sun, sea, Mediterranean food and good wines! So, we think your next Team Event should be about Italian wine!

Innovative Teambuilding

Engage in our unique Wine Olympics event, fusing friendly competition with the delights of Italian wine for unforgettable team building.

Wine Education Fun

Transform team events into a learning experience about Italian wines, vineyards, and wine-making techniques through enjoyable challenges.

Italy's Finest Wines

Experience Italy's finest wines in picturesque vineyards, enhancing team camaraderie while delighting the senses and broadening horizons.

Welcome to our Team Event "Wine Olympics"!

Welcome to one of the most entertaining and invigorating team events offered by Italiaplus: The Wine Olympics. This unique event is perfect for businesses looking for a fun, engaging, and memorable team-building activity that simultaneously offers an authentic Italian experience.

What are the Wine Olympics?

The Wine Olympics are an innovative team-building challenge that combines the pleasures of Italian wine with the camaraderie of friendly competition. We organize the event in some of the most beautiful vineyards and wineries in Italy, offering you a unique experience that brings teams together and of course, delights the senses.

Event Details

During the Wine Olympics, your team will be divided into groups, each competing in a series of fun and entertaining wine-related challenges. These may include:
• Wine Tasting Contest: Identify the grape, region, and vintage of several wines.
• Blindfold Pouring: Pour the perfect amount of wine without seeing.
• Waiter’s Race: Navigate an obstacle course while balancing a tray of wine glasses.
• Wine Quiz: Answer trivia questions about Italian wines, vineyards, and wine-making techniques.
The teams will have the chance to learn more about the art of wine tasting and Italian wines.

Why Choose the Wine Olympics?

The Wine Olympics is more than just a team-building event. It’s a unique, enjoyable way to bring your team together, to build stronger relationships, and to foster better communication. Plus, it’s a chance to enjoy some of the finest wines Italy has to offer.

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Let the games begin!

Important Information

Teamwork +++
Competition +++
Teambuilding +/++/+++
Keen senses +++
Dexterity ++
Creativity +/++/+++


Min 10 – Max 120


Winery, winery, hotel, villa, private location


Half day (approx. 3 to 4 hrs.)


Personal assistance by Italiaplus


Wine tasting and/or product tasting, give-aways


Minimum age of the participants 18 years

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