Confetti from Sulmona

Confetti from Sulmona is a traditional Italian candy made of almonds coated in a hard sugar shell. It is often used as a decorative element at weddings, baptisms, and other festive events.

Discovering the sweet tradition of confetti from Sulmona

Even Apitius, the great Roman chef and cookbook author, reported on the delicacy from Sulmona in the early 1st century AD. Because the confetti from Sulmona is not just colourful pieces of paper, but colourful sweets! The almonds, covered in chocolate and colourful icing were already known 2000 years ago as a luxury item.

Today, they are tied into colourful bouquets of confectionery and the sweet shops along Sulmona’s main street, Corso Ovidio, offer them. You can find them in almost all variations, usually tied into sunflowers and in corresponding colours for different occasions. Because the great variety and the different colour combinations are not by chance!

There is green confetti for engagements, white for weddings and pink or light blue for the christening of a daughter or son. Red confetti is given for university graduation, silver for a silver wedding and gold for a golden wedding. And if the first marriage didn’t work out, yellow confetti is given for the second marriage.

Sulmona is also the birthplace of Ovid. Two statues have been dedicated to the important poet in the historic centre of the city, one from 1474 at the “Palazzo Annunziata” and another at the “Piazza XX Settembre” from 1925. Even the main street was named after him. In the evening, Corso Ovidio becomes a pedestrian zone when the whole city meets here and strolls from the magnificent palazzo to “Piazza Garibaldi” with the large food market that takes place every Wednesday and Friday.

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