The most beautiful towns and villages of Abruzzo

Abruzzo is home to many beautiful towns and villages that offer a glimpse into Italy's rich history and culture. From the medieval hilltop town of Pacentro to the charming fishing village of Vasto, there is no shortage of stunning places to explore in this region.

Discovering the timeless charm of Abruzzo's most beautiful towns and villages

Towns with flair in the mountains

Even in the most remote mountain world of Abruzzo, a whole series of small towns and villages worth seeing can be discovered. On the edge of the Majella, Sulmona has kept much of its historical charm. Not only is it known as the capital of the famous poet Ovid, but the popular “confetti” also originated here! The picturesque old town shines with magnificent buildings such as the “Cattedrale di San Panfilo” and the “Palazzo SS. Annunziata”.

A little further south lies Pescocostanzo, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, surrounded by rugged mountains and a barren plateau at an altitude of almost 1,400m. This supposedly remote mountain village was once a centre of the Baroque and its church “Santa Maria del Colle” is still visible today. The car-free centre is characterised by carefully black-and-white paved streets, the beautiful “Piazza del Municipio” and, of course, magnificent baroque churches.

Halfway towards Rome, you come across Tagliacozzo, which is another village of the “Borghi piu belli d’Italia” (“most beautiful villages in Italy”). On 23 August 1268, the last Staufer fell into the hands of his enemies here. The legendary battle of Tagliacozzo even found its way into Dante’s “Divine Comedy”. Charles I of Anjou won the battle against the Staufers by trickery and was later executed for it.

Medieval villages in the hills and on the coast

Many fortified small towns are perched within sight of each other on the ridges of the hills that stretch between the Gran Sasso and Majella mountain ranges to the Adriatic Sea.

The medieval Civitella del Tronto impresses with its massive Renaissance fortress “Fortezza Spagnola.” It is one of the most important and hardest-fought fortresses in central Italy! Below the fortress, the inviting town with its panoramic piazza invites you to stroll through its old town called the “Centro storico”. Past the 16th-century church of San Lorenzo to the balcony of Civitella, Piazza Filippi Pepe, offers a fantastic view of the Gran Sasso.

On the south side of the Val Vomano, the Renaissance town of Atri is enthroned at around 442m. The panoramic view and the proximity of the coast to Pineto make it a popular destination for excursions. In the old town, you come across the wide “Piazza Duomo,” at the lower end of which is the impressive cathedral “Cattedrale SS. Maria Assunta” cathedral. Behind its unadorned façade, the interior hides a masterful cycle of Andrea Delitio’s frescoes, which attracts visitors in droves!

On the Abruzzo coast, Pineto with its pine grove is a particular attraction! The beautiful, wide and quiet sandy beach stretches behind the forest and offers everything that provides for beach relaxation. The picturesque old town of Vasto on the beautiful “Costa dei Trabocchi” is also worth a visit. Below the town, which is situated on a plateau at an altitude of 144 m, is the popular seaside resort of “Marina di Vasto” with a seemingly endless sandy beach.

Abruzzo - A hidden gem worth exploring

The Costa dei Trabocchi

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