Landscape of Molise

Molise stretches from the remote mountainous areas of the Apennines to the 50 km-long Adriatic coast. The most important economic sector is agriculture, which primarily produces cereals, fruit and wine.

Exploring the landscape of Molise

The landscape of the region can be divided into “Alto Molise” (Mountainous Molise) and “Basso Molise” (Flat Molise). In the “Alto Molise,” you come across high mountains, wild gorges and deep forests, some of which are untouched and are considered Europe’s most pristine and clean landscape. UNESCO has designated the Abruzzo-Latium-Molise National Park, together with the Volturno river valley, the Lago di Castel San Vincenzo and the nature reserves “L’Oasi di Bosco Casale” and “L’Oasi naturali di Guardiaregia,” as a biosphere landscape.

For nature lovers, the “Alto Molise” is a paradise for hikes, horseback rides and bicycle tours with countless hiking trails, trekking paths and the historic “Tratturi.” In the peaks of the Apennines, the winter sports areas of Campitelle Matese and Caprocotta are ideal for skiing. The highest mountain in the region is Monte Miletto, which stands at 2050m high.

The “Basso Molise” offers pure relaxation and recreation with its gentle hills, picturesque vineyards and dreamy stretches of coast. The long and rarely crowded sandy beaches of the coastal resorts of Termoli and Campomarino have already been awarded the “Blue Flag” several times for their excellent water quality. Here, water rats can let off steam by surfing, diving, swimming, canoeing, sailing or parasailing.

The Basso Molise stretches southwards to the border of Puglia. Here, the small village of Gambatesa on a tufa ridge in the middle of an olive grove offers magnificent views of the Molise landscape.

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