The most beautiful villages and towns of Molise

Small towns and mountain villages steeped in history attract visitors with their art treasures, magnificent buildings and archaeological sites.

Beautiful villages and towns of Molise

Discover the Charms of Molise

This small region in central Italy has a lot to offer! From hiking holidays and relaxation on the beach to cultural trips, it leaves nothing to be desired.

Campobasso: The Capital

The capital, Campobasso, sits 780 meters above sea level. The Castello Monforte, dating from 1459, dominates the city. This medieval town has monuments and churches from the Romanesque period, delighting visitors with its many cultural treasures. The Samnite Provincial Museum houses valuable testimonies of the people living here from early history to the time of Samnite settlement.

Alto Molise: Nature and Tradition

Splendid beech and oak forests high up in the mountains of Alto Molise in the province of Isernia surround the picturesque village of Agnone. The town is famous for the Marinelli Papal Bell Foundry, which still operates according to ancient tradition and once made the bells of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Besides magnificent old churches, Agnone offers another specialty: the Caseificio Di Nucci cheese dairy, which has existed for ten generations and traditionally produces the local cheese. You should definitely try it.

Isernia: Historical Treasures

The provincial capital of Isernia borders the southern slopes of the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Parks. Founded as a Roman colony in 263 BC, it is said to reveal the true soul of Italy to visitors. Despite being frequently hit by earthquakes, which have destroyed much of the city, there are many historical monuments to see. Just outside the city lies one of the most important excavation sites in central Italy, called “La Pineta.” Finds dating as far back as 700,000 years have been discovered here.

Termoli: Coastal Charm

On the Adriatic coast, the former fishing village of Termoli delights visitors with its pretty old town, which stretches out on a headland. Of particular historical interest are the old Stauffer fort from 1247, the “Torretta Belvedere” tower at the old town gate, and the “Cattedrale San Basso” on the tranquil “Piazza Duomo.” The simple Romanesque building likely originates from a predecessor from the 10th century. Many parts of the old church can still be admired inside the cathedral. The old mosaics are particularly worth a look!

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