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Molise, located in southern Italy, is a small region characterized by its mountainous terrain, rugged coastline, and agricultural landscapes.

Discovering the diverse geography and location of Molise

Molise covers an area of 4,438 km² on the Adriatic Sea and is one of the smallest regions in Italy after Aosta-Tal. It borders the Abruzzo region to the north, Puglia to the southeast and Lazio and Campania to the west. The region has only been independent since 1963; before that, it belonged to Abruzzo and formed an administrative unit with it.
In terms of landscape, Molise is divided into the “Alto Molise” with high mountain ranges, untouched nature and quiet mountain villages and the “Basso Molise” whose green hilly landscapes extend to the coast of the region. 

This beautiful region is still an insider tip and mass tourism has almost untouched it.

The economy is agricultural, with potatoes, wheat and vegetables being the main crops. Thanks to the temperate climate and grape varieties, wine growing in Molise is playing an increasingly important role internationally.

Molise is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered

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