The Slow Food movement had its beginning in the Piedmontese village Bra in the province Cuneo in the 1980s. The philosophy of the movement is that the enjoyment of food is paramount, and the regional cuisine with domestic products and production is obtained. It is against hectic eating and junk food, as well as the fast food trend.

The history of the Slow Food Movement

It started in 1986, when a large burger chain wanted to open a restaurant in the historic old town of Rome. As protest, a large table was set up on the famous Piazza di Spagna and traditional Italian dishes of high quality were served. The Slow Food movement was born and became a flagship for the whole culinary culture of the Piedmont.

The founder and international chairman is Carlo Petrini, who made the terms “Buono, pulito e giusto” (good, clean and fair) to the philosophy of his movement. No element may be missing, otherwise it is not Slow Food according to the philosophy of the trademarked name. The logo of the movement is a snail as a symbol for slowness. It also supports the biodiversity of plants and animals as well as small manufacturers of high-quality and organic foods.

The most important Slow Food festival is the Salone del Gusto in Turin. Here, the gourmets from all over the world meet to discover and enjoy regional delicacies and wines. It takes places every two years and every fair has its own theme. In the hometown of the Slow Food, the international gourmet fair Cheese takes place every two years. It is dedicated to the “milk in all its varieties and shapes.”

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