The Northern Italien region Piedmont is a paradise for gourmets and lovers of the Dolce Vita. It offers Italy’s best wines and excellent delicacies, like the famous white truffles, which grow in the wonderful wine growing region of the Langhe.

Exploring the Rich Delicacy of Piedmont's Famed Truffles

The noble truffles from Alba

For the so-called Tuber Magnatum Pico or Tartufo Bianco d’Alba, gourmets from all over the world come to Alba every year. Here, the yearly international truffle exhibition takes place and honours the precious tuber.

The truffles from Alba are among the most valuable truffles of the world. Two pounds of the white tuber, which smells garlicky, can cost 2,500 to 6,000 Euros, with increasing tendency as it is becoming scarce. The truffle prefers to grow underground on the roots of oak, elm, willows and poplar trees, but in the last centuries, the forests were destroyed due to the increasing wine production in the Langhe area.

The tradtional truffle hunt in Piedmont

Another difficulty is to trace the truffles. The noses of dogs are perfect for tracking the tubers, but it requires several years of daily training to become a master sniffer. The so-called “Trifulao,” the truffle hunter, must rely on his dog during the truffle hunt starting end of September to the beginning of January. 

They prefer to go on the hunt during the night, as the dogs are less distracted and there is a lower chance of being observed by the competitors. The found locations are guarded like a state secret, and they are often kept until the truffle hunters lie on their deathbed.

You should not miss a Piedmontese meal with the fresh truffle in autumn! Traditional dishes with truffles are all sorts of pasta, especially the Tajarin, risotto, Funduta and Carne cruda. And you can even purchase the valuable mushrooms on the markets and in delicatessen shops in Alba to ennoble your pasta or an even omelette at home with some truffle chips.

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