Here would like to show you the eight charming and diverse provinces of the Northern Italian region Piedmont with their characteristics.

Provinces & capitals

The province Verbano-Cusio-Assola is the most northern province and stretches along the borderlines to Switzerland and the Lombardy. It dazzles with natural landscapes crossed by beautiful valleys and wonderful lakes like the Lago Maggiore, and its cultural treasures. On impressive alpine peaks, you will find modern ski resorts. In the area surrounding Domodossola lies a part of the Sacri Monti, which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage.

Going south-west the province Biella follows, which borders on the Italian region Aosta Valley in the west. Here, the nature shows many faces: picturesque mountainious landscapes change into lovely valleys and the shores of the Lake Viverone in the southern part. Biella also has a large religious, cultural and artistic heritage. The eponymous capital of the province has a long tradition of wool spinning mills and weaving mills and still is an important centre of the textile industry.

The province Vercelli borders on Biella to the west and the Lombardy to the south-east. It envelopes the whole river course of the Sesia, from the Monte Rosa to the Po river. The landscapes surrounding the Monte Rosa offer perfect conditions for winter sports and a beautiful scenery for hiking tours, climbing, biking and horseback riding in the warmer months of the year. The provincial capital Vercelli lies in the fertile flood area of the Po plains, which is Europe’s largest rice growing region!

The provinces Novara, Turin & Asti

Novara is the most eastern province of the Piedmont and borders on the Lombardy. Large parts of the beautiful lakes lie in Novara, like the Lake Orta and the southern part of the Lago Maggiore with the popular lakeside resorts Aprona and Castelleto sopra Ticino. The plains in the southern part of Novara are characterized by many rice fields. The capital Novara is a charming old town with impressing architectonical highlights.

The province Turin stretches along the borderlines of the Aosta Valley and France. The varied landscapes are characterized by wonderful ski resorts in the Alpine areas, meadows and pastures, woods and wine growing regions. It also dazzles with many evidences of the culturally rich past, like the prestigious summer residencies of the Savoy Family, which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage. The provincial capital Turin attracts with its long tradition, history, modern arts and a vibrant urban life.

The province Asti lies in the heart of the region and borders on the region Liguria in the south. The hilly area with endless vineyards is unbelievably beautiful! Here, the famous Asti Spumante DOCG is produced and can be tasted in the picturesque wine-growing villages. The provincial capital Asti is one of the most important art cities of the Piedmont and birth place of the famous Italian poet Vittorio Alfieri.

The provinces Alessandria & Cuneo

Alessandria is the most south-eastern of the provinces and borders on the regions Lombardy and Liguria. Its landscape is characterized by hills and river valleys and the Ligurian Alpes in the south. Colourful vineyards alternate with untouched landscapes and dense forests. Its rich cultural history reaches from legacies of the Roman period to impressing medieval castles and fortresses.

The province Cuneo is the most southern province and borders on France and Liguria. The Alpine massif characterizes the landscape, but you can also find wide plains in the heart of the Province, which are crossed by the rivers Po and Tanaro. It dazzles with lonesome fortresses, colourful vineyards and nature reserves. Its geographical location made it a transitional zone of different peoples and cultures. The popular pilgrim’s paths Via Francigena and the St. James Way cross the area.

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