Elba is the largest and most famous of the seven islands of the Tuscan archipelago, which stretches off the coasts of Livorno and Grosseto in the south of the region. It covers about 223 km² and is part of the province of Livorno. It is less than 10 kilometres from the mainland and today has about 32,000 inhabitants.

Striking mountains and historical villages

Together with the other islands in the “Parco Nazionale dell’Arcipelago Toscano”, which is the largest marine reserve in Europe, it is a protected area!

Elba’s enchanting coastline is 147 km long and offers everything from long fine sandy beaches to lonely romantic bays amidst striking rocks. The 1,019 m high Monte Capanne dominates the landscape, which can be reached by cable car and from whose summit one can enjoy magnificent panoramas. Despite the approximately 2 million tourists a year, the island has retained its originality! The tour operators were very keen to integrate the hotels into nature.

The pretty and lively capital Portoferráio has about 12,200 inhabitants and is dominated by the double medicean fortress from the 16th century. Narrow alleyways and stairs lead to the fortress, some of which Napoleon had converted into his modest residence. Today, the “Villa di Mulini” in the old town houses a Napoleonic Museum.

Its name derives from the iron (ferro), which was already smelt here by the Etruscans and Romans. The remains of the “Villa della Linguella” on the coast and the “Villa delle Grotte” are also reminders of Roman times. Portoferráio also has enchanting beaches, such as Biodola, Scaglieri and Forno, which stretch along the Gulf of Biodola.

The most beautiful beaches of Elba

At the foot of Monte Capanne you will find the beautiful villages of Marina di Campo and Marciana Marina. The fishing village atmosphere in Marciana Marina makes it one of the most beautiful seaside resorts on the island. Marina di Campo spreads out among the pine trees, olive trees and vineyards on the southern slope of the mountain. The long, deep beach has fine sand and is lively with beach bars along the promenade.

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