This multifaceted region stretches in central Italy from the Apennines, which surround the region to the north and east, to the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It borders on the Liguria and Emilia-Romagna regions to the north and on the Marche and Umbria to the east. In the south there is the region of Lazio.

Interesting facts about the Central Italian region

Tuscany is a region located in central Italy, bordered by the Ligurian Sea to the west, the Apennine Mountains to the east, and the Tyrrhenian Sea to the south. Its central location and diverse landscape make it a popular destination for tourists and a hub for agriculture, commerce, and culture.

Besides tourism, the cultivation of wine and the extraction of olive oil are the most important economic factors. The mild Mediterranean climate favours the climatic conditions. 

The capital Florence in the north of the region is one of the most important art-historical metropolises in Europe and is considered the “cradle of the Renaissance”. With about 1.5 million inhabitants in the metropolitan region, it is the eighth largest city in Italy.


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Tuscany is the most popular region.

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