Liquorice has been produced in Rossano since the 18th century and is still one of the best in the world. The beautiful tin cans of Amarelli printed with nostalgic motifs make the candy a real eye-catcher!

The history and origin of the black gold

The popular liquorice plant was originally used in China as a traditional medicinal plant and found its way to Europe over the centuries. Today, liquorice is mainly cultivated in the European Mediterranean region and processed into liquorice candy and medicinal products. The mucolytic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effects were already known in ancient times. The success story of liquorice as a candy began in the 18th century, when a pharmacist experimented with the addition of sugar.

The liquorice plant can reach a height of 1.5m and grows mainly along the coast. The perennial flowers in early summer with beautiful light blue flowers. However, the liquorice extract is obtained from the secondary roots of the papilionaceous plant, which can be harvested from spring to autumn.

The Liquorice Museum of the family business Amarelli

The “Museo della Liquirizia” in Rossano in the province of Cosenza in northern Calabria has been open to visitors since 2001 and has even been awarded the Guggenheim Cultural Prize. 

In the family business’s company museum you can get an insight into the history of the popular liquorice candy and the old production methods.

The crushed liquorice roots were cooked for up to 12 hours with constant stirring until a dense mass was formed from the extract. Also on display is the special stamp issued by the Italian Post Office in 2004, a limited edition dedicated to the liquorice producer Amarelli. The museum is located in a 15th century palazzo, once the residence of the Amarelli family.

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