The southernmost region of the Italian mainland is characterised internally by the mountains separating the Ionian Sea to the east from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west. Around 780 kilometres of coastline and 320 sunny days a year make it one of the sunniest and most beautiful regions of Italy!

The Pollino Mountains and the Sila Massif in northern Calabria

The Pollino massif characterizes the northern part of Calabria and offers a lot of culture and exciting nature. Since 2015, it has been a UNESCO Global Geopark, a site of particular value on an international scale. This is the home of the Lorica pine, one of the oldest tree species in Europe. Countless karst caves in the area make the north a true paradise for speleologists and adventurers!

The Lao River flows through the Lao Valley, surrounded by one of Calabria’s most beautiful landscapes. Dense forests are overlooked by bare mountains; sometimes it flows gently rippling, sometimes as a torrent between the steep rocks towards the sea. You can enjoy the almost untouched nature by inflatable boat or on a hike. If you are looking for more action, you can also go rafting and canyoning here!

The centre of Calabria is marked by the Sila Mountains, which are divided into three parts: the Sila Grande, the Sila Piccola and the Sila Greca. Monte Botto Donato (1,928 m) is the highest mountain and is a popular skiing area in winter. In the west, the mountain slopes steeply down to the province of Cosenza. The Greeks called the area “Hyle”, which means “wilderness” and gives an idea of the naturalness of the landscape.

From the Costa degli Dei via the Serre mountains to the East Coast

The enchanting Costa degli Dei is one of the most beautiful parts of Italy’s coastline: bright blue skies, azure blue sea, breathtakingly beautiful sunsets, the scent of oleanders at bays, dream beaches and bizarre rock formations. In the background you can often see the active Stromboli volcano, which belongs to the Aeolian archipelago of Sicily. But not only relaxation and water amusements make the “Coast of the Gods” one of the most popular in Italy. The area is full of beautiful places like Tropea or Pizzo, cultural monuments and culinary delights!

The Serre mountain range inland is characterised by dense tree growth and is surrounded by the “Parco Naturale regionale delle Serre”, established in 1990. The two long, parallel mountain ranges have their highest point at Monte Pecoraro at 1,423 m. 

A dense network of hiking trails leads through beech and oak forests, past beautiful waterfalls and a number of industrial archaeological sites – valuable ore deposits have been exploited here since ancient times.

Beautiful routes take you to the east coast of Calabria, such as the coastal mountain village of Stilo with its fascinating church “La Cattolica”. The coast with its crystal clear water and beautiful beach sections offers great opportunities for diving and snorkelling.

The southern tip of Calabria

Deep in the south, Aspromonte dominates the landscape with its wild, partly inaccessible nature. The area is a “Parco Nazionale dell’Aspromonte” under special protection of nature. The Amendolea river valley and the Montalto (1,955 m) are particularly suitable for hiking. It is not far from the winter sports resort of Gambarie, which lies at an altitude of 1,360 metres. It is also worth a visit to the famous San Polsi pilgrimage site in the heart of Aspromonte, or the Greek villages of Bovesia.

The Costa dei Gelsomini stretches along the east coast and has long sandy beaches where you can sunbathe, relax and swim. Above all at the flat coastal section of Punta di Spròpolo northwards in the direction of Capo Bruzzano. Here the fragrant jasmine was once planted on plantations, which has always given the coast the nickname “Jasmine Coast”. Today the flowers of corn poppy, orchids, oleander, mimosa and ficus set beautiful colourful contrasts. The “Tip of the Toe” of Calabria lies on the Strait of Messina, and offers its visitors a fascinating underwater world.

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