The southernmost region of mainland Italy offers a breathtaking variety of coastal landscapes along some 780 kilometres of coastline. Cliffs and long sandy and pebble beaches alternate here and offer spectacular underwater worlds.

The "Coast of the Gods" and the Costa Viola in western Calabria

The foothill of Monte Poro flows into Capo Vaticano, from where the Costa degli Dei stretches for 40 km. The foothills of the mountains divide the coast into numerous small rocky and sandy bays, of which Capo Vaticano is the absolute highlight. The “Cape of Prophecies”, which means its name, was once the site of an oracle. The beautiful Tropea is not far away and the sea view extends to the Aeolian Islands and the impressive Stromboli volcano. The fine white sandy beaches in the many bays and the paradisiacal underwater world make the Capo Vaticano a special highlight of the Costa degli Dei.

The towns of Santa Domenica, Parghelia, Briatico and Diamante also invite you to relax with their bays and fine pebble and sandy beaches. The coastal town of Pizzo with its grotto church “Piedigrotta” offers not only bathing pleasure but also culture. Further north, where the foothills of the Pollino Mountains meet the coast, one finds inviting beaches at Capo Bonifati, Cetraro, Isola di Cirella and Praia a Mare.

The Costa Viola is located south of the Capo Vaticano and got its name because of the violet shimmering water at sunset, which is one of the most romantic natural spectacles of Calabria. The beautiful stretch of coast with its beautiful beaches begins at the city of Palmi and extends to Villa San Giovanni, where the ferries to Sicily depart. One of the most famous and beautiful places is the fishing village Scilla, where according to legend the sea monster Scylla ruined the sailors.

The Alto Ionio, the Gulf of Squillace and the Straits of Messina

On the eastern side of the Pollino Mountains in northern Calabria stretches the coast with narrow sandy and pebble beaches. Especially the pebble beach of Capo Spulico offers an impressive panorama with the castle of Roseto Capo Spulico towering steeply and powerfully above it. The wide plain of Piana di Sibari with its miles of white, flat sandy beaches opens up about 20 km south to the port of Sibari. Especially at the bay at the Gulf of Corigliano you can sunbathe and relax.

The Isola di Capo Rizzuto stretches far into the sea below the provincial capital of Crotone. Here you can have a bathing holiday with culture! Not far from the popular holiday area is the Capo Colonna temple column near the many rock and sand bays. The coastline with its reddish-brown sand, in which a few lilies grow, has been a nature reserve for some years now and offers a fascinating underwater world. Here, in addition to a rich flora and fauna, one repeatedly encounters ancient relics. Le Castella even offers a very special beach scenery: directly opposite the beach lies the magnificent moated castle!

The Gulf of Squillace offers further bathing paradises: at Lido di Copanello and Lido di Caminia white sandy beaches in their bays offer paradisiacal bathing pleasure. In the small town of Soverato you can relax on the wide sandy beach with all kinds of entertainment on the Lungomare. On the beaches of Riace Marina, Monasterace Marina and Roccela Ionica you will find the site of the Bronze Warriors of Riace. At the small promontory Capo Bruzzano begins the coast of the Costa degli Gelsomini, which stretches with enchanting sandy beaches to Capo Spartivento. The rare sea turtle Caretta caretta nests on the flat beaches of Brancaleone Marina.

In the extreme south, long sandy beaches against the backdrop of the Aspromonte with its foothills to the coast dominate the picture. At the Stretto di Messina, the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea meet and unite. From here it is almost only a stone’s throw to Sicily!

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