Calabria is divided into five provinces: Catanzaro, Reggio Calabria, Cosenza, Crotone, and Vibo Valentia, each with its own capital city and charm.

Provinces & capitals

The provinces Cosenza & Crotone

Cosenza is one of the most populous provinces in Italy and occupies over 44% of Calabria. It offers an incredible 228 kilometres of coastline and impresses with its rich variety of landscapes. Cosenza stretches from the Tyrrhenian Sea in the west to the Ionian Sea in the east. The entire area contains treasures from Calabria’s long history dating back to the Neolithic Age. The richness of the Byzantine period in the Middle Ages can still be seen in the elegant and refined architecture. And also the Normans, the rulers of Anjou and Aragon, as well as the Spaniards left many traces here. The provincial capital of Cosenza is considered the cultural heart of Calabria in view of its numerous artistic treasures.

The province of Crotone is relatively young and was only established in 1992 when the province of Catanzaro was re-divided to the south. The Calabrian province is characterised by magnificent coastal strips along the Ionian Sea, surrounded by mountains and paradisiacal nature reserves. The entire coast was declared Italy’s largest marine reserve in 1991 and shines in shades ranging from sky blue to emerald green. In the Capo Colonna promontory you will find the remains of the famous Hera Lacinia Temple, the symbol of the former splendour of the Magra Graecia. The forests and groves of the Sila National Park are an important natural heritage for all of Italy. The picturesque villages of Palumbo and Principe enchant you with their fairytale pine and beech forests.

The provinces Catanzaro & Vibo Valentina

The province of Catanzaro forms the heart of Calabria and yet looks out over two seas: the Ionian Sea to the east and the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west. To the north, the province is dominated by the Sila plateau and to the south by the Serre Mountains. The narrow Isthmus valley of Catanzaro is the centre of the province. It connects the coasts of the Gulf of Squillace with the Gulf of Santa Eufemia and forms the narrowest point of the Italian peninsula. The provincial capital Catanzaro impresses with its location on a rocky promontory and one of the largest bridge arches in Europe.

Vibo Valentina borders Cosenza to the north and the province of Reggio Calabria to the south, forming a kind of peninsula in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The province enchants with the primeval beauty of its villages and the unique mixture of cobalt blue sea and green plateaus against the fantastic backdrop of the Serre mountains. In between you will find shady olive groves, fragrant cornfields, orange and lemon trees and colourful vineyards. The rugged shores and rocky coves of the Costa degli Dei alternate with soft, sandy beaches. The provincial capital Vibo Valentina offers itself for an exciting historical and art-historical excursion!

The largest province Reggio Calabria

The colourful province in southern Calabria is the most populous in the region and only a few kilometres from Sicily in the south-west. Dense forests of chestnut, beech and holm oak alternate with olive and vineyard areas, fern-covered cliffs, oleanders and prickly pears. The rare bergamot is located on the coast between Villa San Giovanni and Giocoso Ionici. The picturesque Costa Viola takes its name from the splendid colours in which the sea is bathed by the sunset. A large part of the province consists of the Aspromonte National Park with its almost endless pine and beech forests.

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