The southern Italian region at the tip of the Italian peninsula tells a more than 15,000 year old story! Various Mediterranean cultures, such as the Romans, Greeks, Normans and Staufer, Angevins, Spaniards and many more have settled here over the millennia.

The most beautiful villages in the Bovesia - Galliciano and Bova

Grecanico is the language that developed during the Greek settlement in southern Italy. With a little luck, in some villages today, such as Roghudi, Condofuri, Galliciano, Bova and Palizzi, there are older inhabitants who still speak Grecan. In the small village of Bova there is even a museum of the Greek-Calabrian language. It was opened in honour of the German Lingustian Gerhard Rolphs, who researched this dialect of southern Italy and even received honorary citizenship from Bova.

Galliciano is considered the most ancient of the Greek villages. In the small village, where today only about 60 inhabitants live, the streets bear the names of Greek gods and mythical figures. In the “Chiesa del Ringraziamento alla Madonna” in the upper part of the village the Orthodox rite is celebrated. In Galliciano, the traditional folklore of the Grecan minority is also celebrated with dance and music performances at the Palearizia summer music festival.

In the area around Bova, archaeological finds prove the first human presence in the Neolithic and Bronze Age. However, the decisive influence was exerted above all by the Greeks, who extended their sphere of influence from the thriving Lokroi Epizefiri colony on the east coast of Calabria to Vua in Aspromonte. Until a few years ago, ancient Greek handicraft traditions were still cultivated in the Grecan villages, such as woodcarving and the making of musical instruments. Blankets, bags and clothes are made of the durable fibres of the broom.

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